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(Old review)
Divinity: Original Sin 2 has been an utter delight from start to finish.
I use no hyperbole when I say this is the best RPG I've played thus far.
Fantastic score. Whether it be running around Fort Joy, taking in the sights on the Lady Vengeance, or amid an intense battle, the music sticks with you all the way through. I've been listening to some tracks repeatedly since first hearing them.
One of the deepest RPGs in terms of choice. A task such as escaping an island ends up having a plethora of options for you to achieve your goal. Want to sneak through a secret dungeon guarded by fire slugs? Sure why not. Want to get out simply by taking a boat? Go for it! Oh what's that? You want to cheat the system and simply teleport yourself and party into various edges until you manage your way out? You got it!
Wonderfully engaging story; filled with plenty of characters that are hard to forget. Don't forget the pet pal perk to talk to all of those animals around you! (Beware, you will be sad a lot of times talking to them.) Off-put by the concept of reading a ton of dialogue? (Why are you buying this...) then worry not! Every single character (and animal) is fully voiced with some amazing VO work. However, the story did let me down in a few small ways, but I'll get to that soon.
Mods mods mods! The community has been excellent at coming up with some very inventive and fun mods to use throughout your adventure. Anything from new classes, new spells, revamping certain systems, and if you're a glutton for punishment - mods that make the game even harder.
Remember how I mentioned how amazing the story was? Yeah, well that’s for the majority! As some others have mentioned, going into the final act and ending, there are some definite inconsistencies with the quality of writing and apparently attention to lore. (I've never played any other Divinity games; I was unaware until doing further research.) For a game that boasts such a wide range of choices and how they really matter; the ending(s) seemed largely basic and almost unrelated to your adventures throughout the game.
Technical problems. Any game of this size will be bound to suffer from some technical issues, I completely get that. Overall, it was nothing major - apart from one game breaking bug I encountered causing some invisible enemies to 1 hit KO me, but luckily, I had a save from not long before that I managed to get back to and the problem seemed to have fixed itself. While the bugs weren't outright angering - in the final act I did find myself getting increasingly peeved by the buildup of several small bugs affecting my experience. At times enemies will take AGES to take their turn - leaving you to simply sit there and watch them and their idle animation until they finally realize they should be doing something.
Tech probs cont. The camera and reticule would at times completely spaz out and throw itself in a random direction and would continue to do so whenever trying to target certain areas or enemies. This may have been due to some mods interfering with the code, but at times my journal would be completely wiped of all data - leaving me to have to remember what quests I still needed to do.
In the end though, I loved this game and every single minute I put into it. Some problems did irk me enough to ever-so-slightly lower my score, but ultimately, I'm marking this game down as one of my favorite RPGs of all-time.

Ichiban Kasuga and friends have now entered my mind as one of my favorite jrpg casts.
Filled with twists that genuinely caught me off guard, hilarious side quests, mini-games I spent literal hours upon hours on, and a cast of characters I enjoyed so so much, recommending this game is an absolute no-brainer.
If you have enjoyed the previous Yakuza entries, I also highly recommend this. The battle system is new to take in, but once it clicks, it is a blast.
I'll truly miss this game.