Who's a good girl? It is my Charlie girl.
What a game!
Scratched that Slay the Spire/Three Houses itch I've been having for awhile. Plus, you can pet the dog every day and be rewarded for it. So, if that's not enough to warrant a purchase, not sure what is.
Didn't see myself loving Midnight Suns as much as I did. Filled with fun battles, silly hangouts, an occasional groan-worthy line, and a whole lot of heart. Complaints regarding the writing are severely overblown, in my opinion. If you've seen, and enjoyed, anything Marvel in the last decade, you'll know what to expect.
I will note, however, that on rare occasions I got struck with visual glitches on the world map or a character falling through the map during a battle. Nothing too game breaking or an easy reset didn't fix.
I forgot how much I enjoyed Marvel when it got "weird" and dealt with the occult. My favorite Marvel "thing"! Has rekindled my interest in comics and looking to collect a few involving the characters as soon as I can find em!

Reviewed on Jan 09, 2023