I played this game as an experiment to see if I could get with Kingdom Hearts' whole deal. Regrettably, it turns out the answer is No.

"What if we made a JRPG where instead of turn based combat you got to play Minecraft?"
- The Smartest Fucking Person At Square Enix

if we're being honest, the rest of the game isn't as good as that first act
but MAN what a first act

All I could have ever hoped for in a followup to Battle for Bikini Bottom.
Which is to say: an above average PS2-era platformer

played for 24 full hours before going "wait a minute... i fucking hate this game!"

spectacular ending. not sure if i needed to spend 40 hours of my life getting there.

god's perfect action game. every time i think about sekiro, my next thought is "i really want to play sekiro right now."