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you best believe that if I got that $25,000 bejeweled prize I’d be pawning it or melting it down into a servbot gold chain
even for the 2600 this was notably awful, avoid

Although I am an absolute nervous vibrating ball of a human being, a game giving me anxiety is something I look forward to. If anxiety and overwhelming pressure is what I know best, there is something almost peaceful about encountering that in a medium you love. In this case, that is video games and Pokemon.
I highly doubt I'm the only one who sees a new Pokemon title released and almost instantly feels nauseous about it with some remnants of that initial Red/Blue/Green/Yellow excitement from long ago. If you like the game, others will jump in and say what it doesn't have and why you should dislike it. If you dislike the game, you're told it simply isn't for you anymore. No matter what you do or what you think, there will always be something to meet you with a closed fist.
As an added note, reviewing a game made by another user drives my anxiety up the wall but not in any way that'll actively harm me. Giving a fair score independent of the creator is no big deal but that's just how I am wired. Wired wrong. Pressure yes but not like the pressure of the industry's biggest property looming behind you, ready to give you a dead leg if you don't work yourself to death. There are different levels to one's unease with the world at large and I'd like to thank 'Another Pokemon Game' for reminding me of that, the plight of the game developer but also greeting whoever plays it with an open hand for a handshake. Maybe a high five or a peace sign.
What really drove my enjoyment of this was closing my eyes for a good 10 minutes and putting myself back into the brightly colored shoes of my past. The time I was most disenchanted with pokemon. I would have loved this back then and even now, it opens my eyes a little bit more but makes me WANT to play Pokemon.
To get the desire to play more of the series after a brutal and scathing commentary of it that you agree with, that is unique and rare. Possibly the first game to put 'Infinite Jest' in the 'Love Island' lore, which took far too long to happen.
Take it from the dork with the Pokemon Violet review as their highest liked "review", you should play this.

there’s something really admirable about how obtuse and atmospheric this is for 40+ years ago
visually striking in a way that makes me smile and weird as fuck, I can see why so many people love it.