did you know the unskippable map moving scenes take more than 1 whole hour total of this game

the only way i'd play blue lions is if i get paid for it

minus half a star bc of the brothel route

if i could tattoo 'play ghost trick' on people's foreheads, i would

my braincells went thru the olympics with this one

could be humanity's magnum opus but they made jacopo

played this game from start to finish (all 120 shrines) a total of 4 times so saying i love it is an understatement

this game is hilarious. usuba is one of my favorite illustrators. the concept is great. the age gap is awful. ichiya my malewife though

im a little bit drunk right now but i'm laughing my ass off because kaname date is literally the most sexless being ever brought into creation look at him

besides okazaki being my wife, the artist (hanamura mai) is a tracer & this has impacted this game greatly to me. being all about the "justice of the police" is also a negative.
Yanagi's route is so bad, he's only good when in other character's routes. I'll give him a discount bc most 'main routes' suck.
will still think of shiraishi's route forever, though. soulja boy kiss me thru the phone

why live when i'll never make out with st germain

please come back i miss you

everybody doing good after playing this until you remember they mention aliens