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"...you can make a wonderful film about nothing. Look at Fellini. The most important thing in a movie is the actor, and everything which is in front of the camera. And the decadence of the cinema, and we have a certain decadence, comes from the glorification of the director as...being not the servant of the actors, but his master...the job of the director is to discover in the actor something more than he knew he had. The job of the director is to choose what he sees. And to an extent, to create. But a great deal of what is applauded as creation is simply there. It was there, when you put the camera...that actor, that bit of scenery, that veil that hung over the river - it was there! And you're intelligent enough to shoot it...the director should be very intelligent, preferably not intellectual. Because the intellectual is the enemy of all the performing arts." - Orson Welles, 1982

What a chore it is to be an intellectual. Perhaps someday we will discover philosophy. Until then there are only audio diaries.

This review contains spoilers

Tried playing this twice and washed out of it. I have no interest in having Jonathan Blow tell me he's smarter than me for however many hours it takes to beat this game. Recently, I watched Joseph Anderson's spoilerific critique and I'm extra disappointed because if this game were really committed to being about playtesting a game, you would be able to leave the island anytime and tell Jonathan Blow to his face that his game sucks.

Live action mystery game, move around a town to solve a murder interviewing different people and match phrases that prove that they are lying. Clicking on arrows and names moves you around town and clicking on a magnifying glass can help you find important items. Very entertaining, mostly because the main characters odd movements, expressions, and tone make it look like he thinks he is in a very different world than the other actors. Paul Rand, played by Paul Darrow, is amazing.
Very unrealistic, and I don't mean in the usual video game way I mean at one point someone is going through their wallet and basically throws things out of it on the ground for you to pick up as you walk by. You then walk into his house and show him the things he drops which he just lets you keep for some reason. You have people threaten you, as a police officer, and you just kind of ignore it. There is also some weird time limit that the game gives your character, you need to solve the case in a day. This doesn't effect the game, it's just something your character has to do for some reason, which gets really funny when in one day you go back to visit every character you meet all over town a dozen times or more. Ending was poor and seemed rushed.

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