anyone else here get a nice rush of existential dread every time you flip through your backlog?
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Fortuna, beloved
Using tarot-like readings as a mechanism to nudge countless elements of the story in different directions is a stroke of genius that I never tired of. There’s a strong sense of context developed for the characters and events here, and it’s used to great effect as it managed to whirlwindishly stir up all sorts of feelings in me. The resolution of my story was more chaotic and messy than I’d hoped, but it feels like there’s such a kaleidoscopic range of possibilities for where this game ends up that this isn’t actually a shortcoming in my book. A huge leap forward from Red Strings Club

Clive “Mine’s Bigger” Rosfield is the himbo hero Final Fantasy needed. I just wish the story and themes built up around him weren’t held together with elmers glue and scotch tape. In lieu of any well-articulated thoughts (DeviousJinjo’s writeup and the Insert Credit episode on this capture my feelings nicely), please partake of some stray notes:
There’s still some quintessential FF-ness here—I felt it most in the spirit of the cinematics and the moments when pretty people say pretty things to one another while rapturous music accompanies them—but I found myself sorely missing a substantial party dynamic or sense of exploration
From a character/writing standpoint, every single woman in this game was a mess of squandered potential (Mid being the possible exception—and aided by her distance from the spotlight)
The combat’s good fun but feels stretched thin over the game’s runtime; however, the boss-to-scrub-encounter ratio was seriously impressive
The villain is such a snoozy bag of nothing, but there's an amazing part where he affectlessly says "such foul attaint may not be sublimed through gainstanding" while going super saiyan...I don't think even Joyce could keep up with this guy
And to end, a dumb analogy:
Cid : FFXVI’s story :: a mother crystal’s heart : the rest of the mother crystal

Miles Edgeworth is the Char Aznable of video games, and I adore him