ain't got no point to the game
ratings basically mean nothing to me
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Growing up, there were no shortage of DS minigame collections. As a kid I saw these games from what they truly were, nothing but Cheap Cashgrabs for Kids who are too stupid to judge for Quality Video Games.
now at the age of 22 ive actually really enjoyed cooking and I feel bad for what i mightve said or thought about cooking mama! Very cute mini game collection, pretty chill, I cooked a lot with my mom too. my main complaint would be that mrs. cooking mama does not understand that fast cooking does not equal better tasting food. like I'd get if we were in a restaurant setting or something but why do you care so much that I need to cut this onion properly in 15 seconds or less? it's tuesday and I just got home from work, give me a fuckin break

this game just starts and says "good luck fucko" and sends you into the fastest shmup youve ever played.
youre basically required to stay at the top of the screen and get risky, because otherwise you just get swarmed with enemies you cant break through.
Music genuinely goes insane, crazy fucking famicom rave music that makes me wanna do that lain dancing gif irl
I'm not photosensitive so the flickering didnt bother me but I'd definitely want to see it remade/remastered with the flickering remove so that more people can play it

It feels like someone wanted to make a game and failed, and then made a game about their experiences with playtesting it and turned it into a long gag.
I think I first watched markiplier play this back in 2013, so I saw no reason to play it for myself then. I was worried a lot of the jokes would miss the mark now after 10 years considering meta irony and surrealism is now basically the default sense of humour for zoomers on the internet. But shockingly, I managed to get a good laugh from a lot of the jokes still!
I could say something clever about how this game deconstructs the nature of choice in video games or something but I think all of that has been said to death at this point, so I'll just say the game is funy :)