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Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time

Nov 20

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Surprised at all the less-than-favourable reviews about this one!
Obviously the main hook here is how you play as the monster that has to ravage through various facilities. It’s a great concept and it’s executed excellently.
I loved the feeling of movement - it was satisfying to move around so freely.
It has a clear metroidvania-lite style, where some paths are blocked until you gain the abilities to overcome them. I thought the lack of a genre-typical map in favour of an “echolocation“ system made the (shallow-level) exploration more involved and interesting.
Halfway through the game you get to play as other people and fire some weapons and use some armour (trying to keep it spoiler-free here) that’s very satisfying.
Finally, you get some light-puzzles here and there which keep things engaging and varied.
There’s very little story or plot here and it’s very simplistic. It’s a game clearly focused on the mechanics where the story was a nice extra to glue things together thematically.
It took me 6.5 hours to finish it and overall I’m satisfied. A visually great game with great music and atmosphere.

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Full of charm.
The open-ended exploration is super fun - like having almost-full access to an expansive theme park as soon as you go in.
The controls are fluid and the music is wonderful.
A short, chill, and lovely experience.

Played on SteamDeck

played it on the Steam Deck
totally crazy plot but fun characters that i wish were more fleshed out
the gameplay clicked with me right from the start and felt very rewarding all the way through
the set pieces are wildly fun and visually fantastic
there were only a couple of occasions where the camera positioned in a way that was frustrating because the timing was critical - they were a minor nuisance, however and the only issue i found in the game
a very straightforward, super fun game