Surprised at all the less-than-favourable reviews about this one!
Obviously the main hook here is how you play as the monster that has to ravage through various facilities. It’s a great concept and it’s executed excellently.
I loved the feeling of movement - it was satisfying to move around so freely.
It has a clear metroidvania-lite style, where some paths are blocked until you gain the abilities to overcome them. I thought the lack of a genre-typical map in favour of an “echolocation“ system made the (shallow-level) exploration more involved and interesting.
Halfway through the game you get to play as other people and fire some weapons and use some armour (trying to keep it spoiler-free here) that’s very satisfying.
Finally, you get some light-puzzles here and there which keep things engaging and varied.
There’s very little story or plot here and it’s very simplistic. It’s a game clearly focused on the mechanics where the story was a nice extra to glue things together thematically.
It took me 6.5 hours to finish it and overall I’m satisfied. A visually great game with great music and atmosphere.

Played on SteamDeck

Reviewed on Feb 07, 2023