Even though this game clearly has a lot of issues, I still can't stop loving it. It introduced a lot of QoL improvements to the Create mode such as being able to make your own power ups or increasing the layer limit by a lot. The DLC weren't on par with LBP 2 but still were pretty good (except the MGSV ones). I never really cared about LBP story modes so I don't have much to say about that. The glaring issue is how often your save gets compromised and how buggy the multiplayer is. I can understand if someone hates the game for those two reasons alone, but it mostly improves from its predecessor. It's like every two steps it takes forward, it also takes one step on a pile of crap. I still think its a great game but it could've been more if Sony didn't pressure Sumo to release it before the holidays.

Reviewed on Nov 20, 2023