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Starfield releasing was this communities 9/11.

Mario vs Donkey Kong is a pretty good sequel/reimagining of the original Gameboy title "Donkey Kong 94".
It improves on nearly every single aspect from Donkey Kong 94, such as the stage design, puzzles, Mario movement, and content since there's 140 stages when compared to Donkey Kong 94 96 stages.
The only thing is fails at is the presentation and soundtrack, which Donkey Kong 94 does great at considering you're constantly going through different unique environments with a memorable soundtrack. But considering how good Mario vs Donkey Kong gameplay is, it's not much of a big deal.
It's definitely worth to check out, especially if you're a fan of puzzle platformers. I really liked it, especially the heartwarming ending where Mario gives the crying Donkey Kong a mini-Mario for him to keep.

The game is pretty fun but the sound compression is genuinely unbearable. So happy this is getting a remake

Trespasser is a fascinating oddity. Ultimately, I have a lot of respect for its ambition, even if its execution leaves a lot to be desired. Even to this day, there isn't all that much quite like Trespasser, and there are definitely reasons for that.
It's controls are pretty sluggish, which isn't inherently a bad thing. Your floppy noodle arm makes it trickier to line up shots, which makes charging dinos a lot more threatening than they would be with a standard "crosshair at the center of the screen" sort of aiming. There's a certain tactility to the shooting in Trespasser that really is only rivaled by VR shooters.
The level design aims for realism, often at the expense of fun, and even then some of its levels feels incredibly goofy. The huge map is certainly reflective of an actual island's size, but with your slow walking speed it becomes quite a chore to traverse. That isn't to say that the realism doesn't have its benefits, but the game's systems make those harder to appreciate.
The game's puzzles are baffling at times. None of them are especially difficult, and often it feels like they are less puzzles and more a demonstration of the game's novel physics engine. This is best epitomized by a puzzle at the end of the game with a lever that raises an elevator. You can't press that lever while on the elevator, but there is a really convenient plank of wood waiting to be shot over onto the button. It feels incredibly gamey, like the designer's hand is guiding you to its solution in a way that clashes with the game's aspirations for a realistic, seamless world. This applies to pretty much every puzzle in the game.
Trespasser is a game pulled both in a very gamey and realistic direction in a way that led to a tonally odd game. Nonetheless, no game from the time really tried many of the things Trespasser did, and in that regard it died a pioneers death. This game has physics puzzles that weren't ideal, but it was doing them years before Half Life 2. It has realistic jungles years before Crysis. It achieved a hudless UI, in an admittedly pretty tacky and infamous way. One could easily criticize those aspects of the game, but I also feel it earns a lot of grace purely for the size of its ambition. It's actually an incredibly fascinating time to play, and while I can't really call it a "great" game in the way I might something like Rain World, that shouldn't diminish the value of this game, nor should it even necessarily dissuade anyone else from giving it a try.

More virtual field trip. The mini games are more entertaining to me, with the first iteration of the Pajama Sam's Sock Works included in here.

Pikmin 4 é a gigantesca evolução dessa exótica franquia de estratégia em tempo real e puzzle criada pelo lendário Shigeru Miyamoto.
Esse jogo é muito completo. Sempre tem algo novo pra mostrar e te faz querer explorar mais e mais. O Level Design é planejado de modo inteligente pra que o jogador evolua gradualmente e da forma que desejar se aventurar pelos mapas. Tudo isso somado aos diversos modos, upgrades e um pós-game que é enorme! Pikmin 4 esbanja criatividade e carisma, pra mim foi mais apaixonante que seus antecessores. Até o momento é o meu GOTY de 2023.
Nota Final: 97/100 - Um minuto de silêncio aos filhos que perdi 😢

This is absolutely insane.
Everything about the game is so good, I don't think there's any point in counting them one by one. But to mention some things; the atmosphere is great, the battle system is very good, the boss variety is good and playing an open world souls game is hits different.
Of course it's not a flawless or perfect game, but it's pretty close. If I made a must-play list, this would be there.

This game is good, that's a baseline, but upon doing my first replay from teenage years I have come to realize a lot of moments in quests would have just been done better in New Vegas.
Take for instance the quest where you go back to Vault 101, you just say one sentence and the Overseer is like "damn okay I guess i have been kind of tyrannical, sorry ill stop."
Lots of other moments too where its like pass a speech check to convince someone, or just say another non-speech check option and still get the same outcome. Its very much designed around "every character build has to be able to do this", but they just made it so its not really fulfilling for any specific build.
Not sure if its related to this game, or just on coincidence, but when I started playing it I was getting death anxiety every day. Don't know if its because the game is post apocalyptic, or (again), just a coincidence that i started playing this game, but I do think when I think about Fallout's post apocalypse I get anxiety.

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