The ultimate genre hybrid. a 7800 masterwork! (never mind that this is the only 7800 game I have played)

Gorgeous, weird, & fun bird shooty game.
Also you know you're in for a treat when there is a stage named "Penetration"

My favorite part of Jurassic Park was definitely when Dr. Grant shot a Brachiosaurus in the face with a rocket launcher

I was not prepared for the insane platforming precision required to beat this one. However I was very prepared for how sexy the gremlins are.

the stars are mostly for the audio production

This review contains spoilers

fuck the police

30 hours in I found out that you can reload with the ; key

Nice variety, challenging, and hot rat strats. Shout out to the immensely satisfying PING sound from the driving level

actually great! running and jumping with the same button adds wrinkles to your brain.