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Very fun and pretty puzzle game that is, for some God forsaken reason, designed like a mtx infected freemium game.
There's a million currencies and the game is extremely stingy with power ups. Basic gear has usage per level but more fancy stuff have limited use and require you to go back to base and repair it with currencies, you even have to pay to heal.
Now there's no scarcity of resources but it discourages experimentation and kills the pacing.
Still, I'm having fun with it

Having not played this in more than decade I'm now somewhat at peace with this game. It's a classic and for good reason, but it does show its age.
It translates almost everything from previous Zelda games perfectly well into 3D (as well as laying foundations for 3D gaming for the coming decades) and actually establishes Zelda lore that stays relevant to this day. Playing it is not always fun though.
Not so much on a technical standpoint (at least concerning this remake), here everything works reasonably well, it's just that some of the pacing and dungeon design is really not so fun.
I kinda hate that grown-up Link's first three dungeon are thematically repeats of the first three dungeons. >Forest, Fire and Water... Again (it's not like we don't see these three in every Zelda anyways). As Hyrule has been overrun by Ganondorf and his monsters everything is kinda... empty. Up until that point when you visit a place it's really exciting to get to know the quirky people and maybe discover the place, but not so much for the Forest, Fire and Water Temple. Right after with the Shadow and Spirit Temple this becomes really good again, but for a good third of the game it feels a bit like a mindless dungeon run. I mean, we love Zelda puzzles but we also love imaginative places and eccentric characters. The dungeons themselves aren't even too bad (except the Water Temple: too many locked doors and thus backtracking if you missed a single key) it's just the way to get there misses a sense of wonder and adventure.
The world design especially of the Hyrule Steppe is nothing but empty plains and the day and night cycle is incredibly short, which can get annoying if you wanna go somewhere or need a special time of the day to enter a place for example.
All that said, yeah this was a part of my childhood (mostly by seeing it at friends places. I didn't have a N64 but only a SNES back in the day) and back then I thought this is the greatest game of all time. Consequently it really defined my taste in games. Later when I revisited it after playing Wind Waker, Twilight Princess and a couple of Final Fantasy games, it just felt hollow and "not as sophisticated" concerning it's story as well as it's mechanics
(and all the cool side quests I "remembered" from watching a friend were actually in Majora's Mask, so that's probably why I like that one still more).
Now with a bit of distance I can enjoy it again, but I still think it's not the best 3D Zelda game by a long shot. But it's still good. Pretty good.

Singleplayer - ✩✩
Local Multiplayer - ✩✩✩✩
Played so much of this with my neighbors

A Kirby game if Kirby was the character in "I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream" who turned into the flesh monster biologically unable to harm anything.
Would have loved a game that lets you choose how much you want to interact with the other sprites, but not this one. I've heard of games that give you special abilities that are suitable for different areas, but this is the first I've played that expects you to intuitively know where and when you will even have one available. What's that, you want to attack the boss? Sure, just use this kick attack with a range the length of a cut thumbnail. What, you want your long tail attack? Sorry, that was for two screens ago. Remember that level where you could turn into a fish? Now you'll just turn into a fish whenever I want, and it will be very funny watching you flop around as a fish on dry land for a moment. Hm, there's a power up there that's rather high up, I'd sure like to use my flying ability now. Too bad, suck on this fish power, bitch.

the best game that shouldnt exist

Platinum trophy earned, including complete playthrough on both casual and hard modes. A delightful throwback to the days of the classic LucasArts-style point-and-click adventure games (which I loved in their time), I thoroughly enjoyed Thimbleweed Park. While the game makes use of an interface very much like the SCUMM system used by those older games, there are intelligent improvements coming from more modern game design - for the most part, puzzle solutions make sense, limiting the extent to which trial-and-error is needed to work out what might have been obscure solutions that older games might expect - and a 'casual mode' and in-game hint system serve to address those situations where you still find yourself stuck.
Of course, LucasArts adventures also typically conveyed a great sense of humour, and Thimbleweed Park doesn't disappoint, with Ron Gilbert back at his best for the game's script. Thimbleweed Park's plot starts very much along the lines of the investigation scenario of Twin Peaks, but increasingly diverges with elements of parody as you proceed through the game's nine parts; ultimately, the conclusion isn't an satisfying as it might be, depending on what you might be expecting, but the path that it takes is unusual and interesting as a result.

next person to compare a game to breath of the wild gets an open palm smack in the mouth

This game improved on basically everything that I found dated and cumbersome about the first game. It was great to see a creative vision that's unrestrained by the technical limitations of its time, and that creativity is truly unparalleled. Just about every single world is packed to the brim with cool details, and the platforming and combat are both so much smoother than its predecessor. I also found myself decently engaged in the story, even moreso than the first game. This game was a joy to play and I'm thrilled to see what this team puts out next!

ultimately one of the most purposeless video games ever written but, despite its best efforts, i still enjoy watching kratos kill gods and no i do not feel bad about it anthony burch

The first half of this game is as close to a perfect game as you can get get, but the other acts are tiring, not fun, derivative, unsatisfactory from a narrative or interactive angle. But that sound design is amazing .

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