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I have such mixed emotions on this game. It's a huge undertaking, a long story with a lot of peaks and valleys. I think it both is as homophobic as people say and also not nearly as bad as its reputation claims.
The game frankly feels every episodic and some episodes are great and some are so bad you want to obliterate them from your memory.
I was very cold on the Actual Ending because I think the "mastermind" of the plot sucked compared to the actual killer (GOD WHAT A GREAT VILLAIN, LOVE THEM). This game could be 15 hours shorter honestly.
And the MC of this game fucking sucks, full stop. Going from P3P to P4G is a horrible whiplash, mostly around how bad the protagonist is. If you're going to have a boring-ass protagonist with no personality, why not at least lemme play a girl, I mean.
But at the end of the day, it has Kanji Tatsumi, the best character in any Persona game, so.