celeste is two games;
the first is a brisk (but challenging) journey through eight chapters and tells a deeply moving story. it teases difficulty, but is never prohibitive. i think anyone can play it and implore everyone to, if they haven't.
the second .. asks questions. namely: so you think you're good at celeste?
through sixteen B and C-sides, mount celeste takes on new form as a fierce beast to conquer. these stages can be tough. gruelling at times. but the top of the mountain always feels within reach, and that drive to overcome underlines how celeste wonderfully intertwines story and gameplay.
in my entire time with the game, I never once felt held back by its controls, hitboxes or level design. only by my own skill—my focus, and precision. it is functionally perfect: a very special game.

Reviewed on Sep 09, 2022