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I'll confess that I've only played about 20 minutes of this game, so I'm not really reviewing it for myself, but for my best friend who passed away in March. We lived together so we would hang out and talk about video games almost everyday and before he passed away THIS was his favorite game, full-stop.
It's hard to describe how much I miss chatting with him about Rain World, it made him passionate about game ideas he was programming and passionate about games in general, it was exciting to see him have that spark for making art again. It's cringey, but I wish I could message the developers and let them know how much it meant to my friend that this game even EXISTED, let alone that it was this amazing to him.
The last conversation I ever had with him he was telling me about the lore for Rain World, how he beat every piece of content in it just to learn more about the story, and to my surprise, I found in one of his journals pages of him deciphering the lore and studying it on his own for fun.
It'll be a long while before I'm able to play any of his favorite games again, but I'm going to rate this a 5 on his behalf anyway, as I have no doubt in my mind it's what he would have given it. I'll never know why he chose to leave, but I at least have this game that spoke to him in a way you wish all art could, and as much as I wish he was here to tell you why it's a 5-star game, you'll just have to take my word for it. This was a perfect game to him, and he had way better taste than me!

Game breaking glitches. Do NOT waste your money futa fanatics

Incredibly ambitious with its ideas but also has some of the most frustrating sections and boss fights in the genre due to stiff animations and awkward movement (depending on your form) on your part and super unfair invincibility frames and attack tracking from bosses. The best animorphs game we are gonna get

"Worst Title: Doo Zegs.... Doose..... Dooess... Doo Seh... Do Se... Do... Sex. Do Sex. Do Sex. Do Sex! Do Sex! Do Sex! Oh shit! Ho ho ho that might be the best title! Huh, change the... change the screen."
-Todd & Aaron's Game Awards 2011
Been trying to write something about this, but there's not really much I can add that every other guy who sings the praises of it can add. Also yeah, stealth is probably the best way to play this game but I won't lie, as soon as I had Regeneration, Power Recirculator, Ballistic Protection, Speed Enhancement and the Dragon's Tooth I would just sprint through every single level like a madman. Proof of real freedom of choice, since you can either play the game with strategy and planning, or like a complete nutjob.
Best part of the game is I forgot I set JC's name to my own and then seeing my real name in an email scared the shit out of me.

Only two major issues I have in mind for this game is wishing that the legions were more balanced. For example, Malice ends up feeling like a must have throughout the entire game, while Hatred felt useless and boring to play with throughout the entire game. Second is that the game for some reason decides not to tell you the button inputs for certain moves, which is just stupid and doesn't add anything valuable to the game's difficulty. Other than that this is an underrated gem that I'm glad to have been recommended.
Gorgeous gothic, emo atheistic combined with an awesome goth, heavy metal soundtrack. The combat system is also just really fun and engaging, despite my one glaring issue with it. Having to experiment with different legions in order to find a combination that will demolish the level is such an addicting gameplay loop. Only made more addicting by how much the game punishes you for making bad decisions in how you approach a level.

I bought the xbox camera just for this game so when people wrecked me and it sent them a photo of my face, it was actually me spreading my butthole open

this reminded me of resident evil village

Barely disguised (and honestly pretty terrible) fetish be damned my boy can cook a non-traditional boomer FPS!
Hot on the heels of the retro FPS revival comes a pretty interesting take on the mind fuckery and cooky gunfeel from both Outlaws and Marathon (something the devs fully admit), combining the esoteric ramblings of Bungie's and the gameplay style of Lucasart's foray into first person action. In a pretty succesfull way, I might add. From the reload of the "meta-magnum" (Jodorowsky eat your heart out) to the fairly big selection of optional types of ammo and fire capacity the game gives you. The enemy positioning and space on the levels can create some really fun and tense situations, where you actually need to take into account reloading and ammo capacity.
It's origin from the faraway lands of Zipango adds, in my opinion, some interesting differences from the usual formula of western rooty tooty point and shooty, like the platforming being an integral part of the level structure and a pretty effective (I'm looking at you, Fi Da Puti Samurai) anime aesthetic.
Sadly the game has some pretty noticeable holes in it's presentation, like the almost absent plot besides the most wireframe justification for you to go from point A and B, given to you in the first 30 seconds of play. But first and foremost, my main gripe is the design of its enemies and even the protagonist itself. The fact the enemies explode into a shower of viscera and oddly sexual appendages is honestly a choice(tm) that I wish they kept on their personal drives and MAYBE ghost release it as a mod if they really wanted for the world to see it. And don't get me started on the actual designs of some characters, I dread for the devs if they ever do a Q&A and get asked their opinion on the age of consent worldwide.
All in all, a pretty good inclusion into the modern FPS landscape, never overstaying it's welcome. Don't check the devs' twitter.

me enjoying this pretty fun if very easy 2d platformer: oh god please dont let there be another half a dozen slow boring 3d sections we've had these 4 areas straight
inti creates in the kitchen:

Finally someone made a game based off the battles I face every day in life.