Signalis is a love letter to Survival Horror and is not a mere shallow imitation, the creators clearly knew what they were doing and know what makes a good puzzle and just how much ammo to give you to create tension. The story is at times baffling and others poignant, it wears it's references on it's sleeve (maybe a bit too much) and clearly takes inspiration from the games of Yoko Taro, not only with literal world building elements (like the Gestalt android), but with multiple endings that take place in different time periods and realities, intended to be played together to piece together the story. You can spend many hours deciphering it's non linear story telling and attempting to figure out the secret endings, but if you want to simply engage with a well designed game the likes of Silent Hill and RE, then you will have a lot of fun, at a very low price.

Reviewed on Mar 26, 2023