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Don't be fooled, it seems very easy at first but by the end some bosses are extremely hard.
There should be some notes or hints to where you can find some stuff, I had to watch tons of videos because it was impossible to get some items to progress into the game even after wandering around for 1 hour.

Good retro game with so many extremely annoying issues that are almost a deal breaker.

Just to name a few (not counting bugs):
-The bolt puzzle with a timer, so badly designed and also it's glitchy as hell.
-No confirmation when you save the game or being able to rotate saves, I accidentally saved the game when I didn't want to just because the controls are buggy inside menus.
-Making a joystick to work on this game is a mess.
-One specific boss fight is so buggy and not fun at all.
-Some parts are so dark, is hard to see what's going on and there is no way to fix this.
-Enemies being able to stun-lock you till you are dead is not fun.
-Not enough information to know what some things you are buying are in the first place.

Without those issues this could be a truly great game, sadly is seems those are there by choice of the developer, which simply mind-blowing.

I get it, Konami wants to appeal to a younger audience and cash in like Resident Evil is doing, but this is not Silent Hill, and they are doing a terrible job at it. It's just a tag to attract attention before releasing SH2 Remake and towards the atrocious SH ascension. There are literally tons of games like this one - walking sims with some chase horror sequences - out there, nothing new, nothing groundbreaking. At this point, I would rather they focus only on pachinko slots. I understand that creating another character like James is a tall order, but this cringe teen?
Also, poor Yamaoka Akira.
I guess the only good thing is that it is free.