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digitalchic completed Baldur's Gate 3
These kinds of deep, character-driven, narrative RPGs with great production values are my heroin, so of course I've lost dozens of hours to this. It's as grand, and fun, and deep as they say it is, no doubt. I personally think some of the freedom and "imsim" systems that get talked about a lot come at the cost of a somewhat disjointed narrative, at times, which is not a tradeoff I would go for. And there's an underlying silliness to the whole ambiance that, again, is not my personal cup of tea. The third act is also a bit disappointing in how it presents this massive city with exponentially more characters and places than the previous acts, but most of it feels shallower and less lived-in than I would have hoped.
Overall, great game; not sure if THE BEST RPG OF ALL TIME, as some are calling it, but then again, no game is.

1 day ago

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