i bet the level designer was laughing his ass off when he put the 15th prank turret in the 17th tight hallway with 4 tanky enemies that can be revived

why not just throw a hundred hitscan enemies in a tight corridor (x100) thank goodness they added the compass in the remaster

only one of my favorite games of all time, but like dipped in some gravy

Extremely repetitive slop fest with annoying and overpowered enemies spammed in every arena

a well crafted collection of video game history -- get these devs to make your retro collections

You ever take a ride in GTA to take your mind off things

extremely buggy and laggy, (corrupted my save THREE times) but expands the creation tools for the better. it gets an extra notch for being the only way to play any lbp levels after old servers have shut down

this was a DLC they charged a full games worth for (they did nothing)

good example of a shit game thats really fun with friends

not bad but didnt pick up on what made the original good

14 years for this garbage that was outdated even in the year it was supposed to come out! cmon randy

generic, mediocre, but definitely a lot of fun

[campaign review]
generic call of duty, some interesting ideas, yet really short and unceremonious