this is 3 + black flag but worse
shay is a boring character

HUGE nintendo W, already GOTY. Many AAA developers will try to catch this game's wind.
Also I played it for nearly 70 hours and got %44? How HUGE is this game?

Fun game (except that last level)

You can't really go wrong with this game, definitely masterpiece
Also don't become a vampire because huge debuff at day really pushes you away

The story ended way too quickly (and the game didn't have that much story anyways), but the game itself was fun playing co-op


accidentally stops pressing R1

one of the greatest games I've ever played
Ichiban is so precious
Zhao is my babygirl


a good game but I wish it punished you somehow for using auto mode, the fights were insanely easy (I used auto on all boss fights, without even grinding)
the lore behind it is good tho, designs are fire

honestly this is the most fun I had playing a 2D mario game (except SMM)

most boss runs suck, shrine of storm can actually piss off
after playing every soulsborneringsekiro stuff, this game was not that fun, still good for a 2009 game tho

SUDA can you please not focus on the moon for one game
also gyro controls are fun

fun game when it works but made me try the first darkest dungeon for 15 times so I'm quitting, can't take this much stress
design and lore looks awesome tho

had real fun with it, characters were amazing
gameplay gets repetitive after a point, and story would be better if it was 3-4 chapters shorter
also spoiler alert:
isn't this the plot of naruto shippuden final arc

This review was written before the game released

Definitely a good DLC with a good introduction. First zone was insanely hard, and navigating through the city to activate few keypoints to fight a boss was extremely well-thought.
The new characters and throwbacks were also really great, and the final boss being an old king was quite touching. Really loved the experience.
My only nitpick would be the co-op zone. What were they thinking putting those frozen reindeers in the middle of a snowstorm?!