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Walking sim that made me shed a tear.

i cried when this was announced and i cried when i booted the game i cant believe how much kirby is emotionally ruining my life
return to dreamland has been one of my fav games for the longest time since i was like 7 yo or something when i used to play and replay it day and night and i honestly could not believe it when this remaster was announced it was something absolutely breathtaking that i only experienced when SMTV was announced and if you know me im a huge smt fag
i played this game something like 30 times between the normal mode and hard mode and i feel like i could play this blindfolded its just that muscle memory that makes me go so smoothly to the point that i think i finished the base game in like 4 hours this game is short but i dont think its THAT short so i think im sick in the head but anyway that means this game has no secrets for me and still i get back to it every year because i miss my pink ball so much
this also was the first game that made me acquaint with the pink ball of wonders and to this day i love him so dearly i swear i got a recurring joke with some friends about me being kirby because we were born the same day and we are both ENFP so like this is genuinely my entire personality
the review i made for return to dreamland wii didnt really contain all my feelings for this game so its the time to do it on this one
in general this game is quite a standard kirby for the series and you got some fun multiplayer to boot (didnt experience it even once because i got no friends but it looks fun at least) and you follow titular character + the whole crew waddle dee king dedede and meta knight ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡ my boyfriend i love him so fucking much in a quest to help poor little magolor from another dimension who got stranded on planet pop and his ship is all fucked up so you gotta help him and all going through different classic worlds that got some parts of the ship
now this is p bland but when i tell you that this game is full of life its so fun its so charming its so UGHHHHHHHH i love it
apart from the ship parts (boss reward) theres some ship gears around the levels that are needed to open up some parts of the ship for extra content like ability rooms or minigames and such so nothing that important i dont usually like collectibles and i dont care but i do religiously seek at least the most important ones or the ones that i remember because its part of the experience to be honest
a gimmick that was added in this game was the mega abilities which to this day still hype me up THEYRE SO FUCKING COOL like you got a big ass sword or a fire dragon or a huge hammer and you tell me not to scream and then theres that ost going tu tu tu TURUTUTUTU TATATATTAT yea no i love mega abilities i think about them everyday
at its core this is a platformer with some puzzle elements as in you gotta think about what ability to use or what to do to get some ship gears but thats basically it everything else is delicious action platformer content
so you go through the levels reconstruct the lor go through some other levels beat landia and then beat the TRUE FINAL BOSS WOOOOOOOOOOO not gonna spoil here anyway so the end
onto remaster stuff
im not a big fan of graphics as in i do not really care how many polygons there are for what i care they could all be 2d triangles i needed to point that out because the other day i was talking with a friend and i told him did you play uncharted and he said no i dont play games like those the graphics are too outdated (?) what ps3 graphics are outdated ok man live your truth so what i wanted to say with this was graphics got better DUh the landscapes are delicious the characters shine of a new light every monster and every environmental element has been polished and pushed to the limits of graphical fidelity and the background images are outstanding to look at but what really got me here are the little artistic touches now THATS the big stuff for me like the little star animations between levels or the new polished UI or even the characters restyling which is less evident in most of them apart from king dedede who looks GORGEOUS in the forgotten lands style hes … hes kinda hot can i say taht here can i umh is that allowed umh ok
also they got some sexy outlines i love outlines
OST remained quite the same i think i dont have the kind of ears to know what the fuck is different between some tracks i needed to listen to kingdom hearts 2.5 remix music and original kh2 ost like 10 times to know what was the difference but again the music in this game is phenomenal if youd let me say this so honestly theres nothing to remix or arrange its prolly just been hd scaled or something so love it
gameplay is basically the same what is different here is the new additional content aiding the gameplay
wii motion controls were seamlessly adapted for the switch control set in mind and work flawlessly even though i kinda miss shaking my fucking wii remote to the hell and back but im fine with pressing B i guess
new abilities were added theres festival who acts like a screen bomb clear which is fine and theres mecha and sand now i thought i was gonna love mecha ability which somehow i do but what really took me by surprise is the fact that i fuck with sand ability too much what the hell that ability is so fun did you look at the moveset that shits amazing people you need to try it firsthand wows
super abilities are mostly the same but they got some faster gameplay and that animation flair uuuuuuuuh delicious fucking great i love the little magic ball animation he looks so fierce kribri i love yoiiiiiiiuuuuuuuu kirbuuuuuuuuu
clearly since theres new abilities but also in general the levels got revamped to some degree to accommodate the new stuff but to the core this is the exact same game you can trust me this is basically return to dreamland wii with fancy graphics
now theres also a new world called merry magoland which is basically a hall for the countless minigames (that i didnt even try if you know me you know i fucking hate minigames im sorry thats true maybe its the trauma from final fantasy fort condor minigame) and where you can use the new ticket collectibles in the level to unlock some useful objects to carry in the levels and get some masks for kirby to wear like its fucking majoras mask this is so funnt they also make sounds im dead anyway this is basically a waddle dee town from the forgotten land clone but its a cute addition anyway for the base game also it looks like magolor my bf so its fine
theres also some missions i guess . never did them goodbye also the bosses get in here after you beat their asses
theres a magolor helper mode if you suck . i dont suck haha so i didnt need it HAHA I FINISHED THE GAME WITH 50+ LIVES LEFT SUCK MY DICK im failing at life but at leasst i can play kirby
i think thats all the new stuff ………………….. I THINK ? idk
ok so anyway MID SPOILER actually if you havent played return to dreamland yet what are you doing honestly
whatever after the final battle against magolor which is one of my fav final bosses of all time literally its perfect its great i love it i want every game to be like this ok anyway you unlock the usual stuff hard mode (didnt do it) arena (didnt do it) and then
a surprise i was not fucking expecting a brand new holy shit magolor mode for people like me who absolutely love magolor . i screamed i screamed i was not ready for this and wow . wow when i finished the main game it was already a 5☆ this sealed the deal
you play as magolor after being defeated by kirby and besties and being stripped of every power in true metroid esque fashion and gets stranded in a place between dimension where he needs to go through some levels to piece together AN . ? apple ok weird twist but anyway
I LOVED THIS MODE . I LOVED IT THIS IS GREAT its like nightmare returns the mode where you play as meta knight but with my other fav character so like . this was particularly made for me as you all can tell
main gimmick is magolor got some basic skills that you can power up by going through levels and acquiring some spirit tears or something so then you can use them to idk get the main attacks range longer or attack stronger to shit like making him faster or modify some abilities or increase the health bar its just . its great you can slowly and steadily see him go from a wounded little bitch to a strong magus and UGHHHHHH i love it i love his movesets i love the levels he goes through i love acquiring the tears in normal levels or extra levels and make him stronger this mode absolutely blew my mind its just wow
so whatever the levels are actually “new” even though they do use the same assets of the base game and the bosses are just reskins of the main game ones but still with new movesets and anyway whats really different here is magolor animation arsenal of spells and absolutely cute battle cries hes ……. hes fucking great people
finished all of this you get to battle against possibly one of my new fav bosses in this series which funnily enough is a tree and no its not whispy woods so thats already 1 less
anyway umh great battle and i love seeing magolor smile in the end hes a sweet boo oof i want to hug him ok
OH ALSO theres remixed osts i forgot about them theyre the base game ones but with some extra flare and i ended up bopping to every of them so good good stuff
so umh
i guess this is it this really is a piece of my heart i just love this game to the moon and back and its still a big part of my life today as it was 10 years ago funnily enough
its kinda weird playing a game that you know everything about and still get excited like it is the first time booting it up idk its a weird feeling do you get that feeling too idk its just yeah
if you look at my ratings i dont usually put 5 stars to basically anything apart from smt mainline stuff and possibly jak 3 or sly 3 or ratchet deadlocked if i played them again because those are also big parts of my childhood and adolescence and to this day they still have a big weight on me like they never left and i guess its due to give this tribute to one of the dearest games i have a 10/10
i enjoyed everything about the remake and they even managed to make me fucking excited for new stuff with the magolor epilogue so congrats nintendo you stole my heart yet again with this pink ball
the forgotten land was a great game that is gonna be a 4.5 stars soon because thats just how much i loved it but still this is the game that i think about when kirby comes to my mind
that was long
this is probably gonna be the definitive edition to play this game for the next replays to come even though i will go back to the wii version from time to time and idle in my childhood yet again playing as the gluttonous pink sphere being from space
i just wish sakurai knew how much this series meant for me

Catherine is a game that really made me change my outlook on life, the story was so real and grounded ( as real and grounded as sheep and edge can be) and made me want to be a better person by the end

This game was so fucking bad even as a kid

Love the multiple crossovers between universes in this game. Not just talking about Nintendo itself but even with Square, Bandai, Sega, Capcom, Microsoft, etc; I miss the reveals so much for this game , I looked forward to every reveal for this game and it gave me something to look forward to in the future waiting to see who would be added. Now that Sora was revealed as the final character, I was very upset after thinking about how we wont be able to see another reveal with amazing cinematic trailers. This game has so much representation between so many different genres of games and its so much fun. So many different characters it is hard to get tired of playing. I may be bias because I started on Melee and grew up with the series but I love it so much

Great cute little system to bring on the go with some amazing classics!

Best story mode ever in gaming, cinematics are amazing and they don't even have to say one word the entire time for it to be memorable

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The controller attachment does not line up to the screen, even when re-syncing and adjusting it still doesn't work

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