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one of the best action rpg on the market if you want good combat. great variety of weapons and tools to use and the world is engaging mythology of japan and interesting characters.
must play if you like combat. good to play after the baby first combat challenge game like bloodborne. this will make you realize bloodborne is not that good lol

good game but very overrated.
lore and story are ok unique but feel unfinished to make players craft theories.
combat is good but lacks more useful hunter tools look for sekiro or nioh 2 for better tools. the weapons of this without the dlc are so few and thats boring for gameplay. armor is fashion most of the time which makes the rpg mechaincs shallow and frame rate drops are abysmal
boss fights are boring mostly with few exceptions level design is ok.
decent game but very overrated it has a fanatic cult for some reason.

dad of boi was uninspired boring cinematic the last of us wannabe game.
boring gameplay repetitive enemies bad level design boring similar boss fights shallow crafting and rpg mechanics out of nowhere and bad exploration.
one of the most overrated games ever.