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second times the charm
there will be SPOILERS xoxo
following episode 1s weird setting into rapture yet again and a really strange l cliffhanger shall I say we are back in the shoes of elizabeth this time as soon as I saw her i said i always wanted to be in a woman no sorry that sounded weird delete delete
after the disappearance of booker and the sudden realisation by elizabeths part that shes actually just going fucking crazy she is going to try to make things right and get this fucking girl back yada yada
but first ! sorrow
when you open the game you're met with a beautiful view of Paris and I was like damn she finally got to Paris im so happy SYKE back to fucking rapture and depression
now I love rapture but since elizabeth always wanted to go to Paris so much seeing her hallucinate about it really did something to my mental sanity I love elizabeth so much I wanted her to be happy ughhhhhGGHHHHH
ok anyway talking game
elizabeth is back to her shenanigans no im not gonna talk about the art direction here since its the same as episode 1 yeah rapture is beautiful we know that and you're gonna get back to columbia for like half an hour so that's cool too I guess
accommodating the fact that shes not booker the gameplay also shifts to this sudden change this dlc won't focus anymore on chaotic melee or long ranged fight but more so on a stealth perspective now all my fans know I fucking hate stealth because I fucking suck AT it but there's a good thing to consider which is the fact that most of the AI enemies in this game are as stupid as they can get so if they see you they won't follow you anymore ! neat
so as I was saying the new mechanics revolve around this youre gonna spend most of the time sneaking around and to clear a room of enemies you can either use sedatives or like shoot them in the face I initially thought using firearms would be pretty obtuse but they're handy AF since again the AI is dumb so yeah and then some more distraction tools or plasmids for the sneaky sneaky purpose
do I like this new stuff ? not a huge fan but at least its easy enough so that I won't kill myself and is also pretty in character since of course elizabeth isn't gonna take as many bullets as booker (as seen by the fact that she can also bring more first aid kits too) so yeah I mean I liked this change of pace
so yeah that being said the story umh
im not a huge fan of the way this ended up unfolding but damn is it good to see bioshock 1 lore and bioshock infinite lore clash like you're introduced again to atlas and get some little foreshadow here and there of him actually being fontaine or like the way big daddies went from monsters in the eyes of the little sisters to father figures like that's interesting as shit as you're also gonna meet some recurring characters in the series and actually see elizabeth interact with them likeeeeeee what's this a crossover episode ?
so yeah the lore unfolds in the lines of elizabeth gets blackmailed from atlas to do some bad stuff and also get almost lobotomised (yes that happens please put CW next time i was so fucking uncomfortable and i have a pretty strong stomach i played saya no uta and subahibi who do you think i am) and so she becomes his puppet to do spooooooooky stuff like shifting realities or getting secret data and shit
sure it's interesting not gonna lie about it but kind out of context and also a weird way to retcon stuff from the original bioshock 1 but I love elizabeth content don't @ me
so yeah thats the general idea this is probably longer than the first episode and way more interesting I gotta say but that ending dear fucking god yknow seeing elizabeth dead on the ground did something to me I was restless shes probably my favorite character out of everyone in bioshock and seeing how she suffered from most of her life just for her to suffer some more honestly why do are you doing this to me
the part where she goes booker you were my only best friend ???? NAAAAAAAAAH I'm out you did my girlie dirty as shi
so whatever after that ending that mada me tear my hair out I mean at least bioshock 1 and 2 and minervas den do have a positive conclusion why THE FUCK did you make elizabeth just for her to feel pain I cannot do this shit anymore the final song in French since she still wanted to see Paris and never Could do that ? I'm hunting the developers of this dlc TF down
umh so yeah it was a trauma but I was good im glad I played this series since its pristine as shit l nothing comes close
I just wanted for booker and elizabeth to go happily to Paris together why could I not have at least this elizabeth im so sorry for everything

new fursona pfp who this
there will be SPOILERS xoxo
unlike everyone who played that game I left my first ever playthrough of bioshock infinite with a really positive opinion sure it wasnt as good as the original duology but it was a nice addition to the series nonetheless who am I to judge
so leaving that experience wanting more im happy to see that this dlc is coming to my rescue
while I completely lost the grip on the lore of this series as soon as they introduced the multiverse albeit not as bad as the comically unbearable multiverse infodump that gets thrown in the latest marvel movies (i hate marvel so i may also be biased to say that their iteration of the multiverse sucks ass) but that being said it was a good excuse to go back to the roots of the series
we're back in the shoes of former protagonist booker dewitt still an investigative type of guy and this time elizabeth from another dimension and way series asks you a favor regarding a missing girl and youre back to being a super dooper duo
booker is more floaty headed due to him being a mish mash of multiverse version of himself and elizabeth got emotionally scarred again and again through her different realities so they make a really cool pair of mentally ill people
and this time we are back to the basics back to rapture
I wont lie seeing rapture again made me kind of teary eyed and seeing rapture in its former glory with shops and machinery and a lot of ocean and people normally living in it brimming with life obviously considering this is also technologically ahead of bioshock 1 they could put a lot more details in the city and a lot more character in the daily lives of the people of rapture adding even more to the lore of bioshock 1
sure the main focus of the game is still booker and his mentally unstable thought processes and particularly his troubled relationship with elizabeth but rapture will always take the cake for me as much as fictional cities go you can't deny rapture is one of the most intriguing and exciting environments to explore even now
while this installment probably just plants the basics for the next episode it sure is a damn good time to see my babies back again and since bioshock infinite defo has a really solid gameplay already it wasn't a big deal adding some more 2 - 3 hours of story beats for me
there's some gameplay changes here and there and they also adapt to bioshock 1 and 2 environment flawlessly the circus shop also sells weapons and the bottle is not vigor anymore but its obviously eve and THE WEAPON WHEEL IS BACK UGHHHH I hated only bringing 2 weapons so yeah nice addition
as for the story flow its very reminiscent of bioshock 1 in the fact that its basically fetch quest after fetch quest with some character interactions here and there and pauses to listen to the usual audio files but that's also the reason why bioshock gameplay is so fucking iconic so im not gonna complain about that
definitely the story is just gonna get deeper into the lore aspect when we get to episode 2 but what we have here is already a great dlc for the base game and rapture is the main reason I love this fictional city so fucking much

im absolutely confused at how controversial this game is on here since I loved most of the aspects that permeates this entry in the bioshock series
sure it's not the original duology or minervas den but it took the series in an interesting new direction and the argument about the "both sides are bad" on racial discourse is pretty wack i can say that at least and listening to a lot of N word in this game made me incredibly anxious but yknow since its trying to drive home the racism thing it's a good compromise and the fact that I felt really self conscious about what i was hearing was probably enhancing the wrongness of the entire thing . albeit they still spit in their faces and went ok but what if everyone was wrong ? which is a brave and controversial way of developing the whole political affair but I'm also a white guy so I dont really have any right to say much about this so yeah moving on
bioshock infinite is surely a delight in most aspects of the game and particularly enough the worldbuilding of columbia is one of the greatest parts of the game
as it happened with bioshock 1 and the introduction of rapture this is an entirely new setting that actually takes place in the clouds and is an entire new city compared to the previous one and that means an entire new story
columbia doesn't have that tight of a background and descriptions here and there to make it a worthy adversary of the great rapture but damn it looks fucking good
all my fans know im a sucker for floating islands and the fact that they are not only flying islands but also have a steam punk flare set in the 10s this game really has some of the greatest setting for a civil war type of story and absolutely suck a fun fucking way to traverse the city flying around with the hookshot using elevators or soaring airships to connect the different discrictd of columbia
every single part of the city has a really specific vibe to it and while the sound design this time didn't really enhance the whole place it sure is still a delight to get to know an entire new town with shops and details and a lot of characters around since this time its actually not a city already in decay
so yeah columbia is dope
before going into the story i gotta say that the gameplay is pretty strong and definitely highlight of the entire series FOR ME AT LEAST but let's actually say some things first
no this is not my favorite FPS mechanic in the series only having 2 weapons really adds nothing to the battleflow and most of the plasmids here (OR VIGORS I GUESS) are kind of useless I only ended up using the electro trap the fire bomb and DAMN do the fucking crows fuck ass they're probably the best ability in the game the fuck so yeah the health and adam is nerfed but you actually get a new electromagnetic shield or whatever but this can actually be countered with the fact that elizabeth will be replenishing you with stuff all the time
that being said the whole gameplay loop is still the same story beat - explore and get resources - fight weird guys and thats mostly left untouched
enemies are less memorable I gotta say but nothing can beat the fucking big daddy and littl3 sisters cmon that's peaaaaaak character design
I do love the songbird a lot he's my little meow meow I love him so fucking much
story wise it's still a great one booker is way more charismatic a character than the one in the first or second game and thats mostly because he can fucking talk yknow and the Italian voice actor made me pretty horny im so sorry sometimes italian voice actors have rights every time he talked I wet my pants this needed to be said
sure he's not like the deepest character in the story because elizabeth is fucking there and WE'LL GET IT he's strong as fuck (horny face) can beat people with his bare hands (horny face) and can probably fuck good (horny face) and yeah whatever he's also some degree of traumatised or shit I can't talk about him yet because it can get into spoiler territory
elizabeth is a delight mindfully written and its incredible to see her grow from a rapunzel ripoff (it is actually kind of weird that she seems like a snow white after being incarcerated for 20 years or something but since she doesn't know the injustices of the world I can give her that) to a troubled and fierce dominatrix after watching the world going fucking chaos and how actually wicked the human mind can be
sure it's kind of cliche and shut but I really enjoyed her as a character and most of all her interactions with booker even though kind of weird like its me and the bestie and then I hate that bitch booker and then again me and the bestie so yeah she's troubled I already said that
so talking story SPOILER TERRITORY the fact that the civil war stuff actually is the backdrop for a tale of multiverse and different versions of columbia was starting to get pretty confusing pretty fast and I'm sure I didn't get all the facets of that part of the plot since it also progressively gets weirder and weirder like elizabeth is actually the daughter of the guy and then no its actually not and then boom plottwist it's actually the daughter of the guy but in another dimension where booker actually becomes the priest and then booker kills the priest and then the elizabeths kill the booker to kill the priest listen it gets fucked
now even though it becomes convoluted real fast I really enjoyed this development since they were always teasing this kind of plotline since elizabeth First shows you how she can "create" new dimensions and bring stuff from those dimensions to the current one and shit
it's probably way easier than it actually pretends to be since it's just an entire loop that keeps repeating until booker decides to kill himself so that the loop stops and you get teased with an ending that is like "ok but is anna/elizabeth ACTUALLY alive in this dimension so that they can live happily together" and the game just ends
the whole finale is arguably pretty chaotic but cinematic as shit and when you randomly go back to rapture I passed my pants this cannot be real leave me alone
so yeah umh I'm sorry I really enjoyed this game I couldn't hate it even though this site was tricking me into hating it but THATS MY OPINIOOOOOON maybe at one point I'll realise this game is actually shit but that's on me don't touch me
yknow what I'm pretty excited for burial at sea and since this game takes place in 1912something and bioshock 1 takes place in 1958something and after the rapture tease in the finale of the game I'm so fucking ready for this one I want more of booker and elizabeth action
also when you think that they're dad and daughter it makes sense that they didn't get into romance territory it would make everything crumble even though they both didn't know their past ok actually yknow what I wont even get into this topic
so yeah good game cope and seethe
at one point after finishing the game I realized they could never get to Paris and just started crying why did this game half assed convoluted story made me emotional im sorry