Amazing how much of the series identity and charm was present right at the start! Also very clever ways to creatively hide secrets despite the tech limitations.

Basically Vagrant Story 2. Great minimalist storytelling with cinematic shots of tabletop figures paired with strong writing. Clever combat mechanics but wonky overall balance. Progression is inscrutable at times, follow a walkthrough. 7 hour RPGs are great, I wish more games like this existed!

A delightful slice-of-life story, with a backdrop of magical realism. The closest I’ve seen to capturing Ghibli vibes in a game.

A really solid iteration on the Obra Dinn detective mechanics. Rewards a rich understanding of individual character details, and continuity between scenes.

So much about this game is incredible, but ultimately I spent most of my time juggling inventory slots rather than engaging with the interesting aspects.

Excellent puzzles with logical and fun solutions, really captures the joy of an escape room. Great couch co-op even with only one controller.

Early levels are a bit of a slog because there are so many complex systems to tutorialize, but once they let you off the hook the game really sings. Came to enjoy the warm cast of characters and the slapstick humour too.

A slow burn, eventually developing into an incredibly rich ensemble story. Greater than the sum of its parts.