I love that this was the first video game I ever played. shouts out to the teenager at the arcade that gave me a loonie so I could smash buildings

the actors in this game should win best performance at the game awards every year. sorry kratos

Polynesia is not mandatory for the resurrection of the world

I love these levels so much, it's like if LSD Dream Emulator was a platformer

Pixel has never missed once in his life

this game has vibes for days but getting 100% is a nightmare and it's really anti climactic otherwise

wild how a bunch of the best non rpg mario characters where stolen from this game

I like this so much more than redemption

a part of me misses the hunter/gatherer flow of the older monhun games but the other part of me likes riding a wolf at high speed, jumping off of it and doing a screw attack onto a dragon's head

starting at level 1 in every dungeon leads to 99% of the game feeling like pure luck, but you do play as the 2nd best dragon quest character of all time so that's something

rare to see a game miss the point of its own series this much

we don't deserve ribbit king 2, but we need ribbit king 2