An enjoyable game from some NZ devs, recommend checking it out for the price (under $10AUD on PC and free on phones).
The later levels can become a little trial and error, but even though I might have found that frustrating at the time, upon reflection it's more interesting than following the same build order each time.
You have shields and epic artillery - like in Supreme Commander - well worth it just for that.
I wish there were more levels where you started out more evenly with the enemy then got into a war of attrition. It felt like you either lose very very quickly, or win quickly - there aren't any prolonged battles.

History with Halo:
- Played Halo and Halo 2 upon release
- Played Halo Wars and Halo Wars 2 + Expansion
Halo Infinite thoughts:
- Everything that you remember that made Halo great is present
- The story must make more sense for people that have played 4 and 5
- The way the story was delivered - monologues, deadpan delivery of lines felt awkward and unpolished
- The open world aspect of the game was enjoyable if repetitive, fortunately, the combat is highly enjoyable so you don't mind completing the same objectives over and over
- Gameplay feels great, is highly responsive and there's a large variety of weapons to continuously change things up
- Runs at 60 FPS on PC using i7-7700K, 1080 Ti at 3440x1440p resolution
- Have not played multiplayer yet
Strong recommendation to check it out, especially on Game pass.