hole of heroes 5,000,000 dead pikmin 2023-2023

ill probably like it more in a year, why does this this game remind me of type lumina mechanically so much.

i keep picking up wack h moons in this game and they are consistently cooler than most characters in more modern titles..
also the neutral in this game is extremely unique to itself in ways that i personally adore.

why wasnt i told this game plays this well. im surprised how fun this game actually is. do any later RE/capcom games play like this???

never let kouma be a good character in one of these games

the speedrun for this game is crazy

this games control scheme is actively hazardous.

big companies should be allowed to make videogames as cool as this one again

u get robbed in this game so hard wtf i almost won the bo5

watching claw run his mixup on me repeatedly as i get talked to about footsies is a core memory

what is up with the microwave enemies, i dont want them.