For the longest time I couldn’t go back to my 3DS library due to having broken shoulder buttons. But now, thanks to my cousin letting me mod his new 3DS, I’ve been able to have a blast. Dude, not even for piracy you can still have a ton of fun giving your handheld AIDS

Donkey kong country returns was the #1 game I was looking forward to replaying, cuz the first time I beat it I wasn’t crazy about it for some reason. First thing I noticed was holy guacamole this game is chock full of personality 🐒 Kongo Bongo Island is real and breathing right in front of me bruv. I’ve always preferred donkey kong over plain as corn-flakes mario, the comparison is night and day

my friend thinks the dkc snes trilogy are overrated and I can see where he’s coming from, those games can get hyped up too much from nostalgia bias and overshadow what retro has done with their first title. This game is not only as good as the originals, dare I say it might be even better

Tho, I understand why ppl would prefer the classics, this game asks for a lot and can be really tough, feels like being stoned in the balls (thankfully its very forgiving)

Overall, its great 🍌

Reviewed on Jul 08, 2024