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I did it, Mom. I finally completed a RGG/Yakuza game. After playing almost half of Kiwami like 6 years ago and a good 4-5 hours of Like A Dragon (which I really loved but got distracted and dropped it for something else), the game that ultimately got me to finally see the light with this series is Judgment. I think ultimately it was this one because it felt a lot less intimidating - I have always wanted to really get into the Yakuza games, but my god, what an intimidating ocean of a series. They are all almost individually designed to be desert island games - they all feature so much content and distractions and minigames that you will get your fill with just one title alone. It made me think of the Clueless Gamer Final Fantasy 15 episode where Conan yells to the developers that they're "mass murderers of peoples time". These games ask so much of you! Also... why the hell did they never do a single Yakuza game for Clueless Gamer. I need to see Conan reacting to this shit.

That's my long-winded way of saying that Yakuza is everything I like in gaming, but it didn't feel super welcoming. I already felt like I was so behind on the plot, and all of their main plotlines can take a dozen or so hours, not to mention all of the side stories that fans claim are absolute must plays. And there's never just side stories to do in these games. There's always so. Much. More! THIS is why Like A Dragon appealed to me, a brand new story with Ichiban, and of course, Judgment, a game that played just like a classic Yakuza game, in the same city district, but with a whole new cast of characters and no required homework beforehand. This is not to say I will never play the mainline Yakuza games, as I definitely want to play Yakuza 0 at some point, but I also still need to finally check out The Sopranos, The Wire, Twin Peaks, and other massive zeitgeist series I've been told I'll love a million times but life is full of distractions and lack of time and AGH

So yeah, I really really loved Judgment. My least favorite aspects were by far the trailing missions as seemed to be the same with most folks, but I also kind of like trailing/sneaking missions in games sometimes, so I didn't expect to find them that bad. Moreso the overall stealth aspect is what I enjoy; but here it’s just slow walking and ducking behind cover. The glacial pace of most of them is what irks me, waiting for them to slowly make their way through the same streets you have run through dozens of times at that point.

But it’s obvious to see what everyone loves about the series at this point; the epic storytelling, the brutal hard-hitting combat, the silly-one-moment-serious-the-next mood, and the plethora of stuff to do. I saw a post on Twitter recently about people sharing places in games they pretended were their “house” or a nice place to chill, somewhere that the game itself didn’t present to them as a home per se, but just a relaxing spot that players would like to spend time in. Kamurocho has so much to do and see, and just strutting around existing in the place feels so great - when you’re not incessantly chased down by thugs trying to kick your ass. I’m so glad I’m not a bicycle owner who lives in Kamurocho, nothing like walking outside to go for a ride and seeing your bike shattered into a million pieces amongst a bunch of knocked out dudes. But just going for a stroll, checking out the arcade, doing some gambling; I fully understand why these games suck people in. If you could turn off all enemy encounters it would be a really chill and relaxing game to just hang out in. RGG make all of their titles feel like you don’t need any of the others in the series to get your money and time's worth - if you take your time, you will get so so much out of each game.

I loved the murder mystery, the detective work, the goofy action, the flashy fighting, the cast of characters you grow to love and hate, god there’s so much here to talk about and love. I beat the main storyline and am still working my way through all the various friend events and side stories, but I’m dying to now move onto Lost Judgment… especially since there’s a skateboard in that one. I feel like I've been throwing 4.5/5 star ratings out a lot lately but I can't help it, I'm playing too many new favorites. I’m officially a convert now - take me RGG in your arms

I have a real world job that includes heavy attention to detail, scanning my eyes over others work for reviewing purposes, and making sure I don't get small intricacies wrong - it's definitely nothing that puts peoples livelihoods at risk, but still, it's important. This is a video game that feels like a "job", where you're meticulously poring over documents and looking for flaws, so why should we want to play this as a video game?

My simple answer is because it's made by Lucas Pope, a developer who sucks you into his games with his use of world-building, storytelling through miniscule fragments in time, images and photos and just peoples faces and names hinting at their backstories, his incredible musical scores, his simple yet effective art style, his addictive "just one more" loop of gameplay, if you can't tell yet I really really like the guy. Of course I'm referring to Return Of The Obra Dinn here in this description as well, the only other game of his I've played, but one that quickly became one of my favorites of all time. And with Papers Please, this one shot up really close to it after only a few hours.

It constantly engrossed me, left me feeling disturbed, torn, tense and totally consumed in the several tangling storylines you get swept up in. The amount of directions you can go in that lead to the many many endings is so impressive - I still can't figure out how you can get around a few of them. I ended up with 6 out of the 20 different endings, and of course I want to discover as many as I can. Getting to day 31, the final playable day, feels like an accomplishment - until you realize what potential ending you may be concluding with. The ability to go back to past days in the timeline and replay from there in case you want to try a different direction is also really great to have as a feature.

For a game that I played on my phone and spent my time with tapping through documents and finding discrepancies, there are many many different scenarios I did not expect to find myself in here. Something as simple as letting a civilian in need slip past the checkpoint with incorrect documents so they can see their family, only to then read in the paper the next day that a foreign assassin was let in and committed murder. One of the coolest was the shadowy group that had you reading coded messages to either assist them or bust them. I don't want to spoil others but there's many great other moments I really didn't know what to do or expect as I quickly tried to make a decision. There's also some comedy in here too.. it's not all darkness; but I was surprised at how violent it did get sometimes. Be prepared to fight for your life.

This is a great game for mobile, I'm not a big phone gamer guy at all but this is perfect for tapping and scrolling. I loved this one, a must play if you can.

I missed the train on this series back in the day but now really hope they bring the second and third to PS5, cause this was a hoot and a half. I love a linear stage-based action game that is also a platformer and this feels like the granddaddy of that whole genre. Naughty Dog cut their teeth on Crash Bandicoot and Jak and Daxter before doing Uncharted but honestly this feels like the Uncharted groundwork more than anything, especially in some of the chase/big set-piece stages. Sucker Punch should be heralded as much as Naughty Dog for their work over the decades; Ghost Of Tsushima + the Iki Island DLC were my first SP games but now that I've finally played Sly you can see where they got all their stealth/platforming experience.

I'd kill to have a game exactly like this - level based, some hub worlds, platforming and collecting, one hit kills, and some stealth - but make it humans! Nothing against funny silly animal characters (if I did have a problem with them there are very little platformers I would enjoy) but I'd love a Metal Gear/Splinter Cell type game like this. Gotta keep it light-hearted and silly though. Hopping and bopping around, knocking out goons, stealing stuff, sneaking on pipes, but it's a collectathon platformer. Typing this just made me conjure a game into my memory I had forgotten about - hey remember Jackie Chan Stuntmaster? Sony please throw that up on the PS1 classics storefront on PSN ya fools.

As for the little side-level/minigame type stages - I appreciate when a game tries multiple things and gives gameplay variety, honestly it's a really neat flex for devs to throw a bunch of stuff in there. But you don't need me to tell you it doesn't all work, even if I did enjoy mostly all of it. Just be prepared to replay them several times because the time limit expects you to be essentially perfect or you will fail over and over. Use that rewind function all you want here, you'll need it.

Another final bit on the animal characters - when they make one a flirty badass female that the cool suave main character has a crush on and they constantly refer to her as good looking or a fox or vixen or spicy or whatever in the in-game newspaper headlines - I mean, if you're into that stuff, you do you, peace and love, no judgement whatsoever. But I can do without all the animal horniness, it ain't for everyone. This game had to have activated millions of fursonas around the world back in the 2000's. Not that there's anything wrong with that!