Come for the silly characters, colourful graphics, Pokémon Snap-like creature collecting and fun puzzles, and stay for the weird undertones, plot twists and dialogue/situations that only adults will truly understand.
You really get to know the game as you play - every location, the music, and the characters all have their own unique identities and flair; you’ll know what type of personalities they are, and how to get around the island and which Bugsnax are located where. It feels homey and fun, welcoming and calm, yet mysterious and foreboding.
The arsenal of tools is very Pokémon Snap, mainly used to lure, traverse and trap the critters. The puzzles all felt fun to solve, and studying the patterns and attributes of the Bugsnax was fun to understand how they would be captured. It was also fun to have little boss battles and rare ones to uncover.
I really wasn’t sure what to expect with this one, with a game that looked like it could’ve been a puppet game for toddlers, but it’s really something special and unique. I was not expecting it to go where it went, and as mentioned, a lot of the dialogue is certainly not aimed at kids and contains references, and just overall feelings and situations that children would not have much perspective on. But as an adult and not a child, this felt welcoming for me.
The free DLC area was also very fun and just more to add to an already very impressive title.
Overall, I really enjoyed Bugsnax and all of its strange, snacky goodness while appreciating its overall message and very creepy final stretch.
Oh, and there’s also a CD in this game parodying Chumbawamba’s Tubthumping - Grumpawamba’s Grumpthumping. Incredible

Reviewed on Nov 14, 2022