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Resident Evil 4
Resident Evil 4

Mar 17

Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo
Paranormasight: The Seven Mysteries of Honjo

Mar 12

Metroid Prime Remastered
Metroid Prime Remastered

Feb 12

The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap
The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap

Feb 11

Dead Space
Dead Space

Feb 04

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Not much to say, other than it’s a classic for a reason. After years of starting and failing to finish it, we finally finished Resident Evil 4, and it feels incredible.

An incredible supernatural mystery with plenty of heart. We fell in love with Paranormasight in the first 15 minutes, and it kept us hooked to the end. In spite of a few puzzles that felt unreasonably obtuse, we’d recommend it to anyone who likes 999-esque VN thrillers and has the stomach for horror.

This was our second Zelda after Link's Awakening that kept us going right through the finish line! What a delightful time. It has such a lively, vibrant palette, even when it's blown up on a big TV instead of a handheld.
When we weren't traipsing through dungeons, we were matching stones with animals, helping a librarian track down overdue books, and even went on a massive detour to an isolated cottage, just to feed someone's dog for them. And Link's talking hat never got on our nerves, even when it was mouthing off!
The one dark spot on this whole journey is the run to the final boss. Capcom really wanted to put us through our paces, so they ensured that we had barely any health for the final fight, regardless of how many times we reset. Nightmarish sequence, but hey, we still made it through! Great game.
(Note: we specifically played the Nintendo Switch Online version, though it doesn't seem like Backloggd has that as an option yet. Ah well.)