This game is a bit of a paradox. It's gameplay, systems, and visuals are drastic improvements over the first game. Yet... it really hasn't pulled me in like the first. I completed one run and that was enough. I think the major downside to this game is that all the biomes aside from the Bloodborne-esque one are just kind of meh. I much preferred the biomes in Remnant: From the Ashes.

Ultimately, there is a reason FF2 and FF3 never originally got Western releases. This game is the epitome of 'fine.' It's worth a one time playthrough, but knowing how much the series improves starting with FF4, it's hard to argue that you ever need to play this game more than once for the sake of completionism. Also, the last dungeon is pain. If you've played it, you know.

I really enjoyed the characters and the overall plot. The dialog is very well-written... it just has this cool formal tone to it. The soundtrack is great as well. The controversial combat system is fine... if you set up your gambits. My main complaint with this game is that it's way, way too long. I was ready for it to wrap up at least 10 hours before it did. Some of the late game dungeons are just brutal. Prepare to spend hours muttering "ok, game, we get it," at various points.

The first half of this game is essentially a mess. You pretty much have to seek out other media (the Kingsglaive film, anime, etc.) to have any hope of understanding what the hell is happening. That being said, the combat is fun, the music is GOAT-tier, and the last act is really exciting and surprisingly emotional. Also, did I mention that the music is GOAT-tier. Because it is.

Pretty fun mech combat game, but it's not without its problems. The difficulty is basically non-existent for 80% of the game, while the remaining 20% is insanely difficult (especially on your first playthrough). Also, while the story is actually kind of cool, the presentation is about as exciting as a PowerPoint slideshow.

A great story, as usual. However, without a modern remake, this is very much still a PS3 game. It feels incredibly dated, and is honestly not recommended for anyone not already invested in the Yakuza series. I put it on easy and basically played it as a visual novel. Fortunately, the story and characters were bad ass enough to make it worthwhile.