I hate marvel and I've never played a strategy game in my life. 4 stars.

It’s best looked at as an extreme guilty pleasure. There’s plenty of obscene humor and over the top violence to be had, but not much else. With a little elbow grease and perhaps a dash of maturity, Undertale could've been a harrowing psychological tale of one man's collapsing psyche. Sort of like the movie "Falling Down" realized in an interactive 3D environment, but including a coin-op arcade game called "Fag Hunter" in the game world it's not only not funny, it's disgusting and hateful. You'll play Undertale for the novelty, but its junk food gaming at best. Bad for your body and mind and only used for the short high you'll experience while you notice your boredom level increasing after hour number 2. The basic toilet humor running through the piece can't hide the short-lived gameplay, and leads to an extremely unfulfilling and tiresome experience that any sane person would be hard-pressed to push on with.

I tried to uninstall my desktop stripper to enjoy the game to its fullest but I couldn't figure it out so I played Dead Space with a desktop stripper again.

Dead Space gave me an erection. Could have been the desktop stripper I had overlaid on top of the game too maybe.

Racism against people from Arizona.

"Master levels" as they are so referred, are this games ""bonus levels"" at a first glance. At a second - more intellectual glance - you see these mini bonus rounds are embedding a desire for flesh into the children of America. [Corinthians 12:21] I am afraid that when I come again my God will humble me before you, and I will be grieved over many who have sinned earlier and have not repented of the impurity, sexual sin and debauchery in which they have indulged. It is vital we keep pornography out of the eyes of the youth and the good people of America for all of our sakes. The youth- the minds of the new world- are all we have left after you strip us away. We are but mortal in these prisons of skin and teeth and nails with days numbered and wills fading until we are nothing more than a memory passed and a leaf falling from our family tree. Until DOOM MAKES YOUR KIDS QUEER AND YOU ARE FORGOTTEN FOREVER.

As it came out on the Nintendo 64 console, this game is safe to any military mind control going on by the nefarious Bethesda Softworks and id Software. You can tell because the demons no longer have a striking resemblance to foreign government leaders and my grandfather (unrelated) which makes me feel like I can safely recommend this game without accidentally causing the mass genocide of poor Pakistani families.


DOOM, or "DUMB" as I like to call it, is a game about getting ZOINKED UP on WEED AND CHRONIC THEN SHOOTING DOWN INNOCENT FAMILIES. To the casual observer, this may look like a fun romp shooting through """""demons""""" but in reality you are controlling a MIND CONTROLLED U.S. ARMY SOLIDER KILLING INNOCENT PAKISTANI CHILDREN AND FAMILIES. When you sign up for the army they KNOCK YOU OUT and put what I like to call the DOOM (DUMB) CHIP inside your brain. From that point forward you are a slave to id software and the government. Every time someone boots up this game they awaken and KILL. Keep THAT in mind when you buy this "GAME" for your CHILDREN.

You could say I'm not exactly a border"fan" of this game! Coalition whip Miki Zohar said thursday morning that if attorney general Avichai Mendelblit decided that he would declare prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu incapable of carrying out his duties, it would lead to the collapse of the government and new election.
If this occurs, Likud's Zohar told Kan Bet public radio, his likud party would act after the election to make “the necessary changes." he explained: “i’m talking about replacing some of the officials who already crossed all the lines a long time ago.” on wednesday, Haaretz reported that Mendelblit has held consultations on whether Netanyahu should be disqualified from serving as prime minister. This is due to what Mendeblit sees as the premier's use of the office for his personal benefit as a defendant in three corruption cases.
This represents a "fundamental incapacity," Mendelblit believes, and he is of the opinion that Netanyahu's conduct raises questions of a conflict of interest regarding his serving as both the prime minister and a criminal defendant.
In his interview, Zohar warned anyone “who tries to raise their hand against israeli democracy” and “thinks they have the ability to decide for citizens who the prime minister will be here, and invents legal theories,” in response to the report.
Other Likud Knesset members expressed outrage to the Haaretz report wednesday. Uzi Dayan told a meeting of Likud Knesset members that they must demand that Mendelblit “finish his tenure.” if the government falls over the issue of Netanyahu’s declared incapacitation, "then we'll go to elections," said Dayan.
Fellow Likud lawmkaer Shlomo Karhi said that “if Mendelblit dares to decide such an illegal and scandalous thing, the demonstrations on Balfour Street will look like nothing compare to what will happen here," referring to the weekly anti-Netanyahu protests outside the prime minister's residence. "we will not leave any remembrance of the party of Salah al-Din [the street where the justice ministry is located]. We will dismantle and reassemble it. I am the driver of the D9 [bulldozer].”

I have many a qualm with this game. The first thing you are greeted with upon opening this game is a message telling you to insert a finger into one of the USB ports on your computer. That's all fine and dandy, I understand that technology has advanced since I was a child. What isn't fine or dandy is what happens after you lodge an appendage in the port. The USB port clamped down on my poor phalange and inserted some piece of technological horror into my bloodstream. Minutes later, my mind felt different. I felt lighter, stronger. Felt like a god, and it felt good for a while. Day in day out I finally found happiness in my new body- that is until one day the US army knocks on my door and seizes me. Blindfold, gag, tied my hands- the works. An indeterminable amount of time passed before I was awoken with a loud midi sound piercing through my ears into the very center of my brain. I open my eyes to see myself in a virtual world. I see my hands, pixelated and beyond any horror 20s writers could fathom to imagine. I can not speak, merely grunt. No matter how hard I try to scream I can't make a noise louder than a brief hrppmh. My eyes welt up with tears then widen with fear as a terror from beyond approaches me. Before it has the chance to touch me I hear a voice- a human voice. "you can't say here solider, run out the exit and grab the first gun you see!" is all I heard before I was following the first order- run. I ran until my stamina had far outrun its course and I panted for breath. Pain and confusion were combined to make me more dangerous then I have ever felt before. Then, at the climax of my rage born of confusion and blood curdling fear, I see a shotgun at my feet. I follow my captors instructions and grab it. As I pick it up, another hellish monstrosity approaches me making noises I can only describe as dissonance. What was it my captor told me? I would need this gun... To kill, right? Sweat drenches my forehead as I set the aim on the demon, now looking upon me in sorrow. Kill. After I pull the trigger and slay the beast, I see black. My ears ring as I pass out and fall to the floor. Time passes and after what had to have been hours, I wake up to the sent of rotting meat. I am real again. A tear falls down my cheek in glee as a realize it was all just a dream- until I sit up. A dead Pakistani mother with a child in her arms, recently deceased. Death due to shotgun wound. Thanks a lot, video games!

I made this game and Kojima beat me up and stole the thumbdrive I had it on. He also changed it from a point and click adventure digital retelling of Graeme Thorne's kidnapping in 1960 to a metal gear game. Whats the deal? I wish he would have at least given me the files back so I could publish my superior version. Well, no use crying over spilt milk so I'll let bygones be bygones just this once but if I find out you stole my other game, death stranded in the desert with Jaycee Lee Dugar: a Point and Click Visual Novel Experience, I will be pressing charges.

Instead of adding something worthwhile like a different twist or a hidden new game under the surface of the old one Salvato abandons trying even a little bit and i get scammed out of 15 dollars for a bonus sex mode.

Even in death i be getting mad hoes.

Possibly the worst game I have ever played.