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Favorite Game
Runner Up: Tales from Off-Peak City Vol. 1

I have a tendency to bounce from game to game but DS3 feels right at home in this slot - I can talk about it forever, and it takes no convincing to get me to play it again. I've managed to get several people into Dark Souls as a series by buying them this game and forcing them to play it in co-op with me. Maybe that says something about me

Favorite Series
Runner Up: Hitman

Barely ekes this one out over Hitman, a series I've played for... at least a decade? The depth of my fascination with Yakuza and all its quirks just goes so much deeper. Every game in this series has some silly unforced errors and yet even at its worst I find them to be more endearing than a lot of other games.

Best Soundtrack
Runners Up: Nier Replicant v 1.22, Melty Blood AACC

Using this soundtrack and not charging for the game should be a crime. Actually listenable in album format (and not overlong like a lot of video game OSTs)

Favorite Protagonist
Runner Up: Assassin's Creed Origins (Bayek)

Akiyama in this game is far more fascinating than Kiryu could ever be. I would play ten more games with Akiyama as the protagonist. He also kills it at karaoke

Favorite Villain

Your teammate

Favorite Villain (no really this time)

I'll admit I have a lot of trouble with "favorite villain" since I don't tend to remember a lot of them as anything other than a plot element. I've selected Pagan Min here because I do think he quite stands out as a character that super duper belongs in the Far Cry franchise but also feels like he's got a lot more depth than you'd expect from this series. He is absolutely a sociopath, but he feels like a sincere sociopath. Not a masterclass in writing, but I'm content with it taking up this slot.

Favorite Story

I think this game stumbles a lot with its mechanics and the choices it forces you to make (a lot of them feel particularly contrived) but the broader narrative and themes are particularly interesting to me and I wish they got to spend more time developing this into the experience it should've been.

Have Not Played But Want To
Runner Up: Planescape: Torment

I've heard great things but after spending so many of my teenage years playing every other Source Engine game, I'm unable to spend another second in this era of Valve history no matter how good it is because it makes me uncomfortable - it's like going to a friend's house for the first time and recognizing that every piece of furniture or decor is also in your house, but arranged differently.

You Love, Everyone Hates
Runner Up: Descenders

I tend to align pretty well with Backloggd's general opinion and I don't have any 5/5 PERFECT GAME opinions that Backloggd thinks are shit. I tend to be rather positive about a few games BL is lukewarm on, though, and this is one of them. This game just hits all the right notes for me - it's just 3D Farmville. You don't have to pay and there's no crazy mechanics or anything. You just farm.

You Hate, Everyone Loves
Runners Up: Breath of the Wild, Yakuza 7 (Like a Dragon)

I mainly picked this over Y:LAD so we don't have yet another Yakuza entry here, but I do genuinely think that Automata dispenses with all the charm of the original Nier so you can have the two blandest protags on the planet and a shallow "philosophical" interrogation that should be treated as if it were just as deep as Spec Ops The Line

Best Art Style
Runner Up: too many to name. paradise killer maybe?

In truth I feel a teensy bit guilty putting this here since this is a very... faithful recreation of some Junji Ito-style horror, but there's not much else like it in game form and I think this game is just, it's pretty neat!

Favorite Ending
Runner Up: Yakuza 6

I'm a sucker for bittersweet or even downer endings. Love that shit - that's all I'll say here.

Favorite Boss Fight
Runner Up: DS3, Nameless King

The last fight against Someya - the game exposes you enough to this character that you're going to feel some way about this fight, and between the best boss song in the series and the cutscenes on either end there's so much to enjoy. The shorter scripted events mid-fight really show off how good RGG has gotten at these movie-like cutscenes too. Thank fuck this guy didn't have a gun - JINGU

Childhood Game
Runner Up: FIFA 98, Commander Keen

Pretty sure this is why I've been fond of Porsches my entire life. As a case study this is a marketing wet dream

Relaxing Game
Runner Up: Dorfromantik

More than any other category here, my go-to "chill game" changes by the week, as I'm constantly looking for things that have actual gameplay mechanics but aren't really that intense in terms of focus. Genshin works extremely well because you always have shit to do and none of it takes more than 5% of your brain power. No, I'm not happy that I'm playing it either

Stressful Game

I don't even know what makes this game so infuriating because it constantly feels like I'm 10% off from having the time of my life, even when winning. Shouts out to the second worst online community of any game, right after Overwatch and just before League of Legends.

Game You Always Come Back To
Runner Up: Hitman (as a series)

I probably come back to Hitman more often, but when I come back to play Payday it always takes over my life. I play non-stop for a month at a time and then drop it for many more months, before starting all over again. I spent many hours in the Payday 1 maps hanging out with friends before Payday 2 even came out, and whenever I come back to PD2 those are all I play.

Guilty Pleasure
Runner Up: Tsukihime

I don't really believe in guilty pleasures, but the closest thing for me is probably any visual novel I've played. What puts Some Some over Tsukihime is that Tsukihime actually has a dedicated fanbase and Type-Moon is fucking massive now. I am one of 2 people on here to have played Some Some, and the other person has played a shit ton more VNs than me and hasn't rated a single one. I'm not self conscious about it but I gotta know what they think, you know?

Tons of Hours Played
Runner Up: League of Legends

I've almost certainly played more League at this point, but it feels like Siege was a part of my life for decades, and the game hasn't even been out that long.

Game I Can't Resist

LOL catches a lot of shit primarily for its community and balance, but as someone who likes making the goofiest possible "builds" in games, there's nothing quite like League. Playing the dumbest shit on the planet only takes 20 minutes to get your items and if it sucks, its over in 40 minutes instead of 40 hours. Some of the most fun I've had in games is from playing some dumb shit like paramedic Twitch or burst mage Pantheon and having it actually kinda work.

Game I Stuck With For The Longest

You'll notice that this is also my entry for "Stressful Game" - I put several hundred hours into For Honor during one of the worst times of my life. I became moderately good at several characters and the game never gets more enjoyable than it is on first launch. Everyone is mad at the other 7 players in the game all the time, even if you're partied with them

Game You Were Most Surprised By

I may rock the anime avi on Discord now, but in 2018 I was completely disinterested in anime aesthetics and visual novels. I happened to say "fuck it" and play this game at just the right time for it to resonate with me, despite the fact that it can be pretty messy and meme-saturated. I know this doesn't work for a lot of people and it probably wouldn't work for me now, but I was just in the right place at the right time when I played it and it clicked.

Games I Own The Most Of But Don't Care About
Runner Up: Literally any Warhammer 40k game

My interest in basketball has waxed and waned over the years but the primary function of 2k has always been "give me something to do that doesn't distract me from the album I'm listening to". These are horribly predatory games that I wouldn't recommend to anyone, but also they go on sale for like $10 if you wait until halfway through the season.

Game I'll Defend

Bizarre choice here, because I don't like the game, but I'm picking this because I have never seen such a commitment to providing robust accessibility options from a AAA developer. There are more impressive accessibility menus out there and this will always be an ongoing battle, but I'm impressed by the variety of options here combined with the fact that the game boots directly to an accessibility screen on first launch. It really puts developers like EA to shame on this front. It sucks that this is coming from Ubisoft, who has (justly) been under fire recently for a horrendous company culture, but I'm not going to pretend like a push for greater accessibility in games is one of the things they're doing wrong.

Your Multiplayer Go-To

This changes about once a year, but it's hard to argue with free.

Most Recent Game Crush

Arcueid isn't really the kind of character I'm likely to find myself drawn to, but the fact that she is constantly a goofy idiot in the face of this twisted, grim universe is really endearing. If there was a game that was just slice-of-life shit hanging out with Arcueid and eating fries I would absolutely buy it in a heartbeat.

Game That Randomly Pops Into Your Head a Lot

Part of why this game pops into my head a lot is because I spent the better part of a year mentioning this game every chance I got in the Jacob Geller discord. It's not really good enough to deserve that level of enthusiasm, but it became funny to me after a certain point, so I stuck with it. This game is mesmerizing to me and I don't think its themes are really that deep, though I can't help but like the way it ties in caring for your mental health with diligently handling a firearm. It's decidedly unsubtle and the Threat Echoes can be legitimately, seriously uncomfortable, but it works.

Game You Love But Will Never Replay

Part of it is the length, part of it is that this game is... a lot. I think the broad themes of Disco are much more interesting than the little moments, and I don't feel particularly driven to keep revisiting this with different builds. It's a fantastic game and the little moments are great, but not great enough for me to commit to another 30 hours.

Game You Like But Don't Ever Discuss

I feel like Diablo 3 is so experiential that there's nothing to really talk about here. There's not such a huge variety of abilities or builds that you can really talk about some crazy meme build you did, since you either pick one of the handful of abilities or you don't have a build. It's a fantastic game, but it's not really a great conversation-starter.

Favorite Review You've Written
Runner Up: Tsukihime; Some Some Convenience Store

I find that I'm a lot better at describing the draw of things that are at least a little bit trashy, strange, or things that wouldn't be perceived as high art. Playing good games is cool, but playing something that you think you'll be lukewarm on and coming out pleasantly surprised is a lot more fun, especially when reviewing. Each game mentioned in this entry was a pleasant surprise and had me thinking about them in ways I didn't particularly expect. There's a lot of value in playing something lowbrow and seriously engaging with it, and I'm really thankful for all the likes on my Idol Manager review in particular for appreciating what I've had to say about the game. It's not my most liked review, but it's one of the ones I like best.


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