It has a great atmosphere and most of the time the game works well. The problem starts when the game starts to be a fan of bottomless pits that cause death, with the player needing to walk through narrow terrain in the meantime. It might not even be a problem if it weren't for the bad camera and clumsy controls.
Still, I really enjoyed the game.

Somehow the original games seem to be more interesting to play. The narrative is the only memorable thing about him, and it's more because it's weird and how much it tries to make you feel bad about what you're doing. But it's ok.

Batmobile and Joker didn't need to be in this game.

Good game in general. Loses a lot of quality in Xen

Better then the first game.

Honestly, I like this game better compared to the first one because the levels have more focus and consistency. The first one had many levels that were pure combat, or that just boiled down to a single mechanic. This game better balances combat, platforming and puzzles in its stages. And the reuse of weapons and other reused elements didn't bother me that much.

The insult mechanics are one of the more creative and fun things I have seen in a game

Unlike Sonic 1, this game just have only one good stage.

Best concepts in a classic Sonic game. One of the worst level designs though.