This was one of the skylanders games I actually did get back in the day but didn't actually give it a proper playthrough because the FPS issues in 3DS giants plus overall series burnout by that point turned me off from giving it a shot. Now that I've actually given it a proper playthrough, it sure is a pretty standard kids 3D action platformer. This game ditches the 2-character beam in mechanic of the first two 3DS games to just save whatever characters you own in the game, essentially allowing you to beam in every character at the very start and never have to use the portal again (unless updating your characters levels on the figure is really that important to you). While it does make the game more portable as now you don't need to have a giant figure collection around with you at all times, it also makes the game easier as now you've got a whole army at your call on the bottom screen. The performance issues in this game aren't nearly as bad as they were in 3DS giants, with some areas chugging but overall the game was pretty stable. There were a few graphical and audio glitches tho so yea game still isn't the best coded methinks. The plot is different from the console game (though ngl by this point ive completely forgotten the main console versions plot), and dialog is kept to a minimal so there's really not as much cringe writing or handholding like the main console version was. It's just a short and solid 3D platformer, probably on par with the first game on 3DS. I enjoyed this more than the main console version.

Reviewed on Mar 29, 2023