can you even clear this game? I've gotten pretty far in it... I will say this is a fun way to kill time when the internet is down. If you are an administrator of a computer system running chrome and you disable the dinosaur game for all computers, who hurt you?

An interesting game on the wii U, that's for sure, but I guess I was expecting a little something more from it. There are a lot of cool ideas put in this game, such as the "permadeath" concept, where you have to kill your previous self as a zombie if you die, as well as the many various uses of the Wii U gamepad in order to increase tension. However, those ideas really aren't put to the very best use, since the gamepad stuff just has you constantly scanning every room to make sure you see items and the permadeath stuff doesn't really matter since the story progresses anyways. I think it would have been cooler if they had made a more difficult, shorter roguelike kinda game where the gamepad stuff is more prevalent to keep you constantly on edge from the zombies instead of the game that they made here. The game is paced kinda poorly and there's a huge big dumb mcguffin hunt for no reason at the end which sucks. Game was disappointing because I could see what it was trying to be, it just wasn't doing the best job being that.

I had a lot of fun with this one. Sure, the game can be a bit punishing on game over, and the grind to level up is real, but honestly I was enjoying myself playing this more often than I wasn't. I enjoyed the sidescrolling platforming and I also enjoyed the RPG elements thrown in. The secrets also were somewhat obtuse but not as bad as the first game imo. Still a guide game, there's no way you are gonna comfortably clear this blind. This is definitely the black sheep in the series given the fact that no zelda game like it was ever made since, but I think people are a bit overly harsh on it.

Treasure never misses? Not a whole lot of content in this game, just a rather quick and easy arcade mode with a handful of characters. Much like how McDonalds Treasureland Adventure felt like a prototype concept for what would later be fleshed out as Dynamite Headdy, Yu Yu Hakusho Makyo Toitsusen feels like a prototype concept of what would eventually become Guardian Heroes on the Saturn. The multiplayer battles can support up to 4 players with multiple planes to jump back and forth between (think something like fatal fury). Some of the characters are broken and the multiplayer can be a bit mindless but I think it'd be good fun as a party game on the mega drive. While this certainly won't absolutely shatter your world like Alien Soldier or Dynamite Headdy, this is still a solid little fighter on the mega drive.

This is one of my favorite things ever, I'm biased as hell. Not really a game, per se, but rather an OVA that runs on game hardware. Rather than just being a compressed video file, all of the animation was done using the hardware and it looks CLEAN as all hell. The story is also an extremely fun romp with fun characters and horse-related shenanigans. I will say the runtime is a bit long though, clocking in around roughly 3 hours. Some actual legend managed to give the saturn port of this english subtitles, so I implore you to give this a watch. It's not really a game, but I love it too much for that to deter me.

interestin lil action RPG with bump combat thats surprisingly not as weird to control or use as you'd think and INCREDIBLE MUSIC. the OST for this game is god-tier, not gonna lie. The game is a remaster of the first 2 ys games, and while I think Ys 1 is very focused and concise with what it wants to do and be, Ys 2 on the other hand feels really scattered in terms of what it wants to be. Both games end up with you navigating a massive late-game dungeon that will probably take up half of your total play time, so if you aren't a fan of big dungeons and wanna keep moving to different new locations in your games this one might not be for you. The voice acting is also phenominal for its time, most games of this vintage with voice acting sound like they just got 2 interns with a mic to do the voices, but this one actually has voice talent put behind it which is extremely rare, so that's cool too. I think this is one of the finer gems of the PC engine/turbografx, definitely a must play in that systems library.

Hot dang. This game is basically Ys book 1 and 2 but turned up to the absolute max. Theres a LOAD of visual polish all over the game, plenty of environments to explore, a bangin' soundtrack, and refined gameplay over the previous games. The only real problem I could say I have with it is that the games difficulty leans a bit on the high side for most of the game, in the "you constantly feel underlevelled" kind of way. It's still absolutely manageable and demands more skill over grinding to get to where you need to go, so it's not all that bad. The characters were all memorable and interesting, and while the plot is basic, it still does interesting things despite that. Definitely a highlight of 16-bit RPGs as a whole. This series does just seem to get more impressive with every installment.

This game's pretty cool. It is more of a sidescrolling action RPG this time rather than a top down bump combat action RPG. The scrolling for the levels is particularly choppy on the PC engine version of the game, which is the one I chose to play, but I do believe the scrolling is better on other systems so play on those if the scrolling is too disorienting. This game is really fascinating to me in the fact that for its time I feel like this is a really really really solid glimpse at what video games are to become in the future, with how the game has a focus on storytelling that is actually decently written and choreographed in-engine, instead of just having text on a screen or an FMV video playing. The voice acting, while a step down from the actually well-performed Ys book 1 & 2, is actually still rather decent for its time. It's still cheesy deliveries on most lines but it's not like Last Alert or Valis 2 levels of bad. This game is a game that I feel if I played it back when it was brand new on this new cutting edge hardware, I would think differently about video games as a whole medium, and I don't really say that about a lot of video games. Play if you are willing and able to see it from that mindset, since otherwise by today's standards you just kinda have a chunky lil decent platforming action RPG.

this is a fun little 2D platformer which is rare on the N64, my only gripe with it is while there are several worlds with a couple levels each, you only play one level per world in this game so the whole thing feels like it only lasts 10 minutes. I get that it's like that so you can replay it but I just wish I could play all the levels in a linear order instead of keeping track what levels I have and haven't already played in previous playthroughs. Not sure why they paced the game to be like that but whatev. Aesthetically it is a vibe even if the yoshi noises can be a bit much at times. Considering the fact that runs are so short theres not really a lot of reason NOT to play this.

pretty meh altogether light gun shooter. cool in the fact that its technically a mario first person shooter, but its really more of a rail shooter than anything, and a pretty boring one at that. It's an okay super scope game but I think battle clash and metal combat are more fun.

The fact that this game even exists makes me so happy. This game is a spinoff of both Yo Kai Watch and Just Dance exclusively for the wii U, where the setlist is entirely made out of the OPs and EDs from the anime at the time. While the dances can be very dynamic and rigorous, there are only 10 songs so the content is pretty slim. Not very surprising given this is more of a special budget disc instead of a full-price game. An absolute must-play if you are a fan of Just Dance or Yo-Kai Watch just for the sheer absurdity of it all.

it's eh. Yo kai watch but turned into a lukewarm top down action game. I do appreciate how this tries to be a bit more involved but the objectives are just kinda eh. Maybe if I had friends to play this with my tone would change as this does seem rather co-op reliant, but as it stands, it was just eh. I should play the sequel one of these days tho.

Okay this game marks the first time the yo kai watch series absolutely jumped the shark in terms of tone, with a plot revolving around america for some reason...? However, one thing this game has is CONTENT. You could play this game for hundreds of hours and still not see everything, theres SO MUCH to do here. Grinding to get new yokai has been minimized once again, and there are mini game modes that might as well be entire seperate games. This game basically has everything in the previous games, but tripled. Despite the huge amount of content, it doesn't feel bloated or padded, the areas are as dense as they always have been. This is the yo kai watch game to end all yo kai watch games. My only minor gripe is that like a lot of other creature collecting RPGs, this game truly begins with the post game when you have all the areas unlocked and you can just freely go about doing your thing, and this games main story is a bit long to the point that there were a lot of times in the game I just wished the credits could roll already and I can just get the S rank watch and post game quests. If you want a game you can sink hundreds of hours into, this is absolutely something to pick up. This game has literally everything I could ever want in a creature collecting game and is the best I've played in its entire genre. It's probably my favorite game in the entire 3DS library, honestly.

This game is the first game except with more stuff to do, which is awesome honestly. The game has been made slightly less grindy and all the extra content gives you even more things to do. There are also funny train shenanigans that a lot of people didn't like, but I found a fun vibe. This is pretty much the last yo kai watch game before the series did a sick kickflip straight into identity crisis so if you want a more traditional gimmick-free yo kai watch game, this is your best bet. Though I guess you should probably go with psychic specters instead eh?

It's pretty much the same as the 3DS version except on one screen with a little bit of some shenanigans used to make it work that way. My only real gripe is if they were going to remaster a yo kai watch game for the switch why the hell didn't they just do 3 or at least 2? the first game is kinda obsolete...