very busy with life so i havent been playing many new games and thus havent really been checking this site as much either
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can't really bring myself to like this one either! i feel like i'm in a weird place with fromsoft games where i really liked elden ring, bloodborne, ds1, and what i've played of demon's souls so far, but nothing about 2 or 3 clicks with me at all. i'm going to eventually go back and play more of 3 since apparently i quit just before the bosses get really good, but i have genuinely no desire to ever play more of this game again in my life. i don't even feel like dark souls 2 is uniquely bad either like some people do, it's just mind numbingly dull to me. i think the most fun i had was attempting a boss i was underleveled for just for him to kill himself before i could even attack him which got a chuckle out of me and was interesting in a respect, which i can't really say about the rest of dark souls 2.
probably the best game in the series from a fashion souls perspective other than maybe elden ring though, i have to at least give it that

the difference between how the game feels playing online and offline is really cool to me. with a good group of friends it can honestly be intense and super fun coordinating with each other to take out enemies, whereas the single player is a much more relaxing and slow paced grind and i think that's really cool. probably the first online rpg type game i've ever been able to enjoy

i dont think i'd call dark souls 1 a masterpiece (not even that really good first half) but it's a really enjoyable experience that i'm glad i finally got around to. i think the bosses were a tad underwhelming in difficulty and just the fights in general outside of dlc and a small number of base game bosses, but the game makes up for that with really good exploration. the game falls off pretty hard after anor londo but i think the dlc content makes that fall off feel a lot less bad depending on when you do it and i liked the final boss