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The Tony Hawk game that pushes you because it knows you can do it. It knows you can pull out 500k combos and bust out nearly 2 million points in under two minutes, and it just wants you to learn how.

took a picture of me so i instantly stopped playing

really unique even to the series aesthetic and combat loop, not nearly as combo focused as 3 onwards but that's not a bad thing at all in my eyes. of course if you expect this to play like 3 you'll dislike it, try to fix expectations in that regard beforehand

the mansion and fixed camera recall resident evil (no surprise) but the atmosphere it evokes, even if still eerie, is very much its own thing. way more "action horror" than its follow ups, noticeable down to the soundtrack

about the perfect length probably? i played this so many times and it was always enjoyable bar some roadblocks on dmd that were on me not being good enough anyhow

not a big fan of mundus 1 but i can't fault most of this game's design at all which isn't true of 3 for example which's paced way worse but that's another story. the enemies here including bosses are memorable visually and fun/challenging to fight, the combat just feels right generally and the light backtracking adds to the sense of progression really nicely

in conclusion way better than the site average would tell you

is sonic pregnant in this picture?

this game taught me how to play poker

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