this is the pro skater game that made me into a better tony hawk player, it will test your reach on mobility and make you complete goals other tony hawk games wouldn't dream of doing, but thps4 demonstrates you can reach your maximum potential and once you do its fucking beautiful

good night to only metallic madness good future track

aesthetically one of the best in the medium and was insanely comfy and a blast to go through, i can see myself going back to this a lot in the future

usb cables broken due to rage tally: 1

dib from invader zim glow up and he stopped caring about that stupid ass alien lol

Dante is back! Prepare for the next, stylish chapter of Capcom's ultimate action thriller, Devil May Cry! Dante, the mysterious half-man, half-demon action hero is back to battle the legions of the underworld. Sporting trash-talking attitude and rock star good looks, Dante launches into a new adventure with twice the environments, twice the graphic sizzle and twice the gameplay of the original!

late GBA games contain some amazing sound quality for its time, remix 5 is key

so wrapped in its simplicity and ideas that it becomes intoxicating and endlessly replayable, a deserved classic