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To be perfectly honest, a lot of this game's design choices are really questionable. Mappy's ability to sneak drugs into the cars of his enemies of his enemies and use that to arrest them is really broken. Also, his military grade weaponry power up is somehow even more broken, to the point where it feels like overkill. Not only that but this game's gold economy is really poorly balanced. The mechanic where Mappy gets money from politicans is way too strong and because of said mechanic, he has more money than he would ever reasonably need.
All in all, future Mappy games should phase out the punishment-focused gameplay and start focusing on the rehabilitation mechanics which even I can admit are pretty good.

Run 2


i hope this little guy has a good day. go to hell ms cox run was way better than your stupid class

If this is the shitty monster trucks game on GBA then I hope the person who wrote the code and the person who greenlit it and the person who owns the company that made it and the person who enjoys this game all see a big billboard that says Screw You in big impact font

Coconut Mall happened in real life at a place called Woodfield Mall (A Simon Mall) in Schaumburg, Illinois.

i want rosalina to ram me with her bike at 200cc speed killing me instantly

all i know of this game is you play as a "Girl- Boss". She has. Pinked hairand a fun sword :)

he doesnt eat cigarettes in this one guys

no GO FISH?????? uh GO FUCK youarself buddy ....

one time i brought my friend carter over and instead of doing something fun i took pictures of him in photo dojo and then he left. i deleted his character like a month later to make room for my dog

PC port with Rollback and the Guilty Gear series will be in grave danger

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