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Mira chavito, una copia (de pésima calidad) del cabeza taza.
Si al menos vas a plagiar, hazlo de una buena manera. Hay muchos indies que se copiande Hollow Knight y otros grandes del género y logran tener una esencia única, peor aquí el único motivo de venta de este juego es plagiar (o al menos intentar) plagiar a Cuphead, pero sin entender ni desarrollar más allá de eso o mínimo llegar al nivel de ese juego.

man i really appreciate the effort put into this. the polished look, a never-ending to-do list, unlockables and its humor kept me playing for hours on end, which in due time revealed the flawed game design buried deep within its core. not before long this game turns into an endless slog of walking, digging, chopping, building, building, sleeping, waiting, walking, walking, waiting, sleeping, rinse and repeat.
there's always something missing; always something in need to be built so you can build something else which allows you to build another thing which of course needs other buildings to be built so you can build an upgraded version of the building. a new built you might say.
the number grows, but to what end? akin to a pay-to-play mobile game there's no feeling of accomplishment or fun to be had -- all that is left is me stressing over fulfilling a busy checklist instead of enjoying the fruits of my graveyard keeping labor. sad!

You'll enjoy this game if you're a millennial like me and get a lot of the references. The dialogue is a lot of fun if you like games that don't take themselves too seriously. I didn't finish it as it gets kind of grindy but it was a lot of fun while it lasted.

Kinda better than the first one and feels more complete but at the same time it got way grindier and the writing just kinda gives up at some point and the script just throws itself at memes and "why not" shit. You are forced constantly to work very very very menial and repetitive as all hell jobs throughout the whole thing although I would def say it gets a bit better, honestly don´t bother unless you really like the concept and graphics cause they carry the whole thing if anything. The management side is not for everyone and it WILL spike in difficulty considerably at random fights so have future sight I guess.

this is such a random game i have literally no idea where i found it but man is it like the perfect roguelite its so good and the progression is so clean and its just oughhh

"Bro this gameplay fire"
Dude you're literally getting paid minimal wage.

viewtiful joe comes in 2 difficulty modes: "baby with pacifier and stuffy drinking warm breast milk" and "fuck you"
pretty wacky, lots of style, feels a little unpolished with how many janky ass hitboxes there are and how little sense the difficulty curve makes
puzzles constructed via the simon's quest philosophy of game design - that is, not at all
henshin a go go to the polls

Pues no será el juego más mejor del mundo mundial, pero para un par de tardes tontas sí que da. Es entretenido y bastante cuco, aunque como todos los juegos así que juego últimamente pues por supuesto que tiene una historia returbia. Intense mobile game vibes btw, pero tampoco va mal, hubiera matado hace años por un juego de móvil así.

fui a méxico y no era así devuelvanme la plata

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