Fun at first but gameplay wise it unfortunately kinda goes nowhere.

Was a fun concept, a bit annoying at time, cool vibes dumb story

As someone who mainly plays the single player I found this disappointing

Still great story tell, but maybe slightly less engaging characters than the first.

After not really liking the game play of the first three installments this one really did it for me both in gameplay and story.

Really nice visuals but the great cinematics from the trailer are sadly extremely sparse in the game.
The story and characters are pretty good, but not quite enough for the game to stand on its own, and there's so much side quest dialog it starts to drag to read it all.
The game play is like a very lightweight FTL. I had fun with it but little in the way of depth or challenge.

Only played the campaign but really liked it.

A bit simplistic and bare-bones but overall an engagng story, and one I would recommend.

Usually I'm up for some Annapurna published nonsense, but this just didn't do it for me.

I enjoyed the story but the gameplay, combat, platforming, puzzles, and visuals were all very poor.

Great story, great characters, great interpretation and expanding of lore. A must play for any Star Trek fan.

Really fun gameplay, great for anyone who likes tactical deck builders. Unfortunately its pasted on top of a pointless story.

Nothing too notable but a fun few hours on game pass. Art was good, gameplay was mindless but fun, story was there.

Despite all the negative hype, I played through this and really liked it. Game play was pretty good, it had a dense and interesting open world, and pacing was perfect.
For me at least, the game ran fine with no major bugs or glitches.
It's not a perfect game, and I'd probably feel a bit underwhelmed if I had payed full price for it, but playing it on game pass was a good time and an easy recommend.

I enjoyed the story but I did not enjoy the shift to being a stealth game.