No matter what region you are in the box art for this game is really something

This game is incredible! I’m pretty picky with horror games and this is really the only one that I’ve truly liked outside of silent hill. I don’t have a lot to say other than it’s just great

It was so good I played it a second time…

Wow! I’m actually blown away by this game. It’s really good. Next to Metroid it’s one of the best metroidvanias I’ve played.

What a weird game. It feels especially strange considering the time that it came out. It’s a pretty. Decent game and it runs pretty well on 3DS. I wonder if this series will ever return

Scathing critique on capitalism. There’s a lot you can say about this game in that regard, but I’m only going to focus on a part of it that hit close to home for me. In the game there’s a certain medication you need to pay for to stay alive. It’s $100 which in the beginning of the game is quite pricey and even as I got more money it still hurt my wallet a lot to have to pay for it. As an American there’s lot of us that literally have to pay to stay alive by paying high prices for life saving medication. One example is insulin which costs about a dollar to make a weeks worth, but costs thousands depending on insurance status. I could keep going, but I’ll just end it here by saying that’s absolute ghoul behavior

It’s uglier and slower, but it’s honestly pretty impressive on the 3DS

Literally a combination of two of my favorite 2D platformers: Kirbys epic yarn and yoshis island. While it never reaches the heights of either of those two games it’s still great

Really weird game. Playing it without any friends isn’t the most fun, but I still enjoyed it. I especially liked the fashion mechanic.

This game is actually pretty underrated. It’s fun

This game is so so charming! The music and visuals are so comfy! Probably my fav mii style game. I gotta play more of the pilotwings games

I’m actually shocked that this is the best muso game I’ve ever played. I’m actually kind of torn on whether I like this or P5R and the fact that they are even comparable is quite the feet

The chokehold this game has on Nintendo YouTubers in 2013 was something else