Why do I have to skip cutscenes in my monkey game??

Jokes on you guys I always loved this game and now it’s even better!!!!!

Ya it lives up to the hype all these years later

It’s so cool how much people have come to appreciate this game. Definitely bridged the gab between classic castlevania and SOTN

Played this on switch and 3DS and it’s definitely meant for 3DS

Better than the first in like every way

The vibes of this game are astounding! The gameplay is definitely half baked but I hear the sequel is better so I’m excited to start that next

Reminded me of cave story and I really love it for that

Really built upon what was great about the first and subverts it as well

Californian ends up in Oregon only to move back to California. Many such cases…

Crazy to think that we used to get horror RPGs like this compared to the kind of games we get these days

Definitely not the Wii sports replacement that people tout it as, but the open world is fun