i am a BITCH when it comes to horror games. just an absolute fucking wuss. i don't know what on earth possessed me to watch a stream of devotion, but brother, i am so glad i did. MASSIVE CONTENT WARNING FOR SELF-HARM i had to look away and ended up just hearing it which was still absolutely horrifying

[watched friends play chapter 0]
this is like if a group of people who used to like danganronpa but grew resentful of its flaws grouped together and said "let's make danganronpa but GOOD" and completely missed the mark on what people actually liked about danganronpa. despite the obvious tie-ins to the franchise's structure/UI/art/what-have-you, the game refuses to admit its roots. it's like it wasn't made out of love, but sheer, unadulterated spite.
it gets 2 additional stars for having a butch in it though

[watched a friend play it]
jesus christ the endless ending sequence to this game sucks so fucking much it brings the entire experience down with it. the cast however has higher highs than dra but also wayyyy lower lows. at least in dra the people who overtly sucked did so in a really funny way. here i just wanted yuri to piss off and nothing more, and this rendition of yuki maeda made me want to puke. yoruko and syobai goated tho (nikei too but he took a WHILE to get going)

tried to emulate this and my pc literally overheated until it shut itself down. i did however have a great time, even though it was short! i'll come back to this if and when i have an opportunity

played a long time ago. all i remember is that i didnt like it. both stars are because of the muse references

nagoshi constantly reinventing himself with just how misogynistic he can get. also the whole korean thing. this plot wasnt good but at least it was funny. i love ryuji & i wish yayoi and sayama were in a better franchise

i played this a good while ago so my memory is a little murky. i do remember that i thought it was a little overestimated, but that i also had a lot of fun. serviceable all around

loses half a star because the ending's just too damn rushed. i wish they allowed the team to do everything they wanted... but it was a fantastic experience, i'll tell you what


exploring was fun but it wasn't enough to stop me from leaving just before they dropped the ultra racism region

little repetitive sometimes (which is why i didn't finish) but super fun

[played the remaster on xbox one]
as soon as i realised this one was incompatible with my playstyle i had to go. i'm glad arkane learned their lesson

singlehandedly added 100 hours to my acnh playtime. GOD i wish they hadn't dropped the game after because this was FANTASTIC

i guess i should've expected it from a game named "boyfriend" dungeon but only one girl... srsly..........
also combat was kinda whatever