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Quite possibly one of the best games, if not the best game I've ever played. Breath of the Wild was already one of my favorite games ever, and this game blows it way out of the water. Everyone that calls this game $70 DLC, or that they just repackaged the same game has not played it. The game is absolutely massive, with Hyrule's surface in BOTW already being huge, they've essentially more than doubled it. The Depths are literally the size of the surface map, in addition to the sky islands, the map is huge. The new zonai devices, new abilities, and everything make for so much more freedom than before and I couldn't have had more fun.

NieR is a better game to remember than it is to play. The remake improves some things to make them less frustrating, but the core weirdness of the original is still intact. A chore at times, but a narrative that is ultimately worth it. I can't say I enjoyed the game the whole way through, but I can say I don't regret the time spent on it.

then there's no time to waste

lego batman 3 devs saw all the flying ring races and started gettin ideas

Shoutout to the friend who kept telling me how great the story was, you were right

when I saw the trailer for this my first thought was "who the FUCK would wanna play tetris in VR?" and now after beating the journey mode on expert mode I kinda wanna buy a vr headset lmao

The definitive kart racing experience. Mario Kart 64 came close to this one but there’s just so much more to do in DKR. Secret characters, big bad ass boss in Wizpig, 3 types of vehicles. I would use Pipsy until I unlocked Drumstick.

Still basically perfect. I dislike a few rooms towards the end and some of the QTEs but I can't think of a single other problem with it. While the remake is a great action game in its on right I definitely prefer this for the simpler gameplay loop and dialogue of this.

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