first from soft game ive played i gave half a shit about the story.

i absolutely 100% understand what the fujoshis were talking about with kim and harry now. the political shit was boring though

played the first 2 at least 10 times each when i was like 14, probably really helped my mental state as a kid. thought i would hate how isaac speaks in this one now, but it really made some of the scenes that were more awkward with his previous silence better. a great remake.

i wonder why this is my favorite atlus media ever created

only good character redesign in this entire dogshit game

game literally doesn't work on ps5

this game has genuinely saved my life more than once. i know how cringe that sounds but this is genuinely peak gaming. terra, locke and kefka are some of the best characters ever designed to date. if i could rate this 6 stars i would

bought a sticker of this chick from the guys website because i thought it was funny. genuinely shocked to see he made a game of her. not surprised to hear it sucks

dropped on final boss. whoever thought the final boss needs 3 different fights needs to be fired

to this day i still question why i even bought this game

i wish there was a negative rating to give this "game"

underrated and overhated extreme