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la historia es bastante buena y los momentos slice of life en el orfanato le dan un toque a kiryu que necesitaba un puñao ( que ironicamente es donde mas invested he estado en todo el juego( pero el combate es webos y eso es una pena porque hay algo muy bueno aqui

no jueguen esta mierda me gaste un monton de credito por esta poronga

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pre-transformation aesir has gotta be the goofiest looking final boss i've ever seen get outta here dorito man

don't you hate it when you are playing the game until you bump into a tree

Fun excuse to go out and exercise. I've made a handful of memories playing this game and have had plenty of fun experiences during events or just regularly playing the game. It's the closest thing to being able to go out and actually catch Pokémon if they actually existed. I'd give it a higher rating, but Niantic is pretty bad at managing this game and make plenty of greedy, questionable decisions.

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bomba está por explotar:
kiryu: ☹️
kaoru: 😞
haruka en el helicoptero: 😭
majima: 🤪

when i went to pick up this game at gamestop my dad went "ugh they made more of these??!" i had to tell em there were like 4 more and he was mad

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